Top 27 Best Fallout New Vegas Armor Mods

Let’s face it, Fallout New Vegas is one of the best RPGs that ever existed and it’s not wrong to rub it to someone’s face that they’re missing out if they haven’t played New Vegas yet. But you know what’s even better? This list! Welcome to yet another list of top mod recommendations. Here, we’ve compiled our best picks for the best Fallout New Vegas Armor mods, because why not? 

Type3 Body and Armor Replacer Mod


Created by: Carrolj2

Don’t you ever hate those super unrealistic version of females in the game? Well, this mod changes everything. What this mod does is providing undergarments for you female characters, allowing them to be less vulnerable, like being naked in a snowstorm. 


Spice of Life Variety Armor and Clothing Robert Breeze Type3 Mod


Created by: nicola89b – Firegtx

This mod is so good and immersive since it adds new varieties of clothes in the wastelands. I know the post-apocalyptic stuff adds more flair to the game by making it realistic and making sure that everyone is using the same clothes, but man, it gets repeatitive. This mod aims to change that by giving them a decent selection of clothes. 


Advanced Recon Stealth Armor


Created by: darthbdaman

You’re literally a ghost with this mod. This mod aims to make you feel like a rogue/ninja/thief/scout/sniper/assassin kinda guy in the wastelands. You’re even given an option to change the stealth values in the game, making it seem like you’re not in the game at all. 


ADAM – A Definitive Armor Mod


Created by: Puresim

Basically, this Wolfenstein-looking armor is one of the top tier choices if you wanna go loud in the wastelands. What this does is just visually update the iconic armor in the game and make you feel like the Punisher of Las Vegas


TGs Armor Collection for New Vegas


Created by: TG

A modpack that allows you to access several variations of new armor sets by TG. They ain’t a reskin of the already available armors in the game, but you’ll have more armor choices from now on. 


Type 3 Honest Heart Tribal Armors


Created by: RocketLombax

This mod is just a total replacement for the Tribal armors in the Honest Hearts DLC. Come get a better fashion statement just by using this mod. 


MK117 Prototype Combat Power Armor Voiced and Weapons


Created by: Toolfan

A fully-customized mod that allows you to access a Prototype Combat Power Armor that’s not only looking badass, it’s fully-voiced, and comes with its own set of weapons and combat utility items. This mod also gives you access to its own modified HUD. 


Drags New Armor Pack


Gameversion: 1.14.4

Just a wardrobe update for our beloved Mojave vendors. Simply put, they’ll have the drip that they deserve for helping you survive in the New Vegas areas. Nothing’s more deserving for a total makeover than these NPC bros for life. 


JoOs Modern Armory Mod


Created by: JackoO

If you’re into weapons and military aesthetic, this mod works just for you. What it does it that it adds a lot of military outfits and uniform into the game, making it feel like Arma, but post-apocalyptic one. Dress up your characters and pulverize your enemies with the power of these authoritative clothes. 


Lonesome Road Armors for Type 3


Created by: Wheatley

A better armor for the type 3 female bodies. Now, they don’t need to feel like the game is being sexist by giving them these sexy armors. 


Black Widow Armor 2 Bnb and Nonbnb


We all love Black Widow and we still can’t accept her sacrifice in the Endgame. That was just good writing, but you know what? You can immortalize her with this Black Widow mod. Basically, you’ll have access to all of BW’s outfits and what’s even better is that is relatively the best of the best in terms of interior design. 


Geonox Riot Armor


Created by: Shadowtroop and Taskforce3

A sleek, riot police armor that has one of the best metallic armors in the game. Not only does it look good, it feels good to shoot down enemies with this armor. 


Kerberos Panzer Police Jin Roh armor


Gameversion: Forge

I’m pretty sure these guys were from Wolfenstein: The New Order. This dope armor mod allows you to be one of those scary looking military police guys from the said game. They kinda remind of that anime as well, which I forgot the name of.


Powered Power Armor


Created by: Akarnan

You’re literally a walking tank at this point. Using this mod will allow you to access a lot of modified kits for the Power Armor, making it feel like everything you see is just a target practice dummy. 


Bornagain Combat Armor


Created by: Ladysimmer94

An improved and enhanced version of the base combat armor, which are refined to an extent that allows us to see more details in the mesh and provides a better type of armor variation in the game. 


Courier 6 Power Armor


Gameversion: 1.8.3

A total visual update for the Courier, this Power Armor mod provides a realistic and highly-detailed armor fabrics and material, which makes the Power Armor more visualized and stylized. 


Coyote Reflex Power Armor


Created by: Coelho182

Basically, you’re a space cyborg ninja. It’s just a mod that gives you a ridiculous amount of speed and dexterity, allowing you to overpower even the most powerful creatures in the desert. 


CR-HD Combat Ranger Armor Retexture V3


Gameversion: 1.12.2

The NCR Combat Ranger Armor ain’t half bad as I remember it, but this mod basically creates a newer version of the said armor, making it feel and look more realistic with the graphical changes and retexturing of the model. 


Modern Gunslinger Armor


Created by: Tamoura1

An incredibly modern take on a gunslinger armor, this mod makes it sure that it’s available for your character to have this stylish and sleek, guns blazing armor. 


New Vegas Type3 Leather Armors


Created by: Korrupted

A better replacement for the type 3 female bodies with a substantial armor made of leather. Now, you can have a rock solid armor that matches the environment, which makes the experience more immersive. 


Armor Replacer Child NPC Fix


Created by: Dropkicker

This mod ensures that all children in the game will not be subject for you guys to shoot at by giving them children’s clothing, which makes them highly vulnerable to everything, but they don’t need armor, they need protection. You ARE the protection. 


T6M CH Raider Armor


Created by: wkdRmffhemqkseka

A Raider Armor mod taken from the Silent Hill game franchise that’s available for you to use. It’s quite revealing, but it’s stylish. Fashion > meta, remember that. 



Wasteland Seeker Armor


Created by: Breadnbooze

A mod that adds a new variant of armor in the game as an exclusive armor, which is this Seeker armor. It fits the aesthetic and natural design of the game. It acts a lot like a substitute to a standard stealth armor, but works so well as an overall, all-purpose armor. 


Signature Armor


Created by: Liadys

Simply put, you’ll have the choose to look good AND stat-wise good. You don’t have to choose ugly armor for the stats anymore. Now, you can look good, whilst maintaining a good points on defense and overall stats. 


Black Leather Armored Duster


Created by: Trillyke

A new variant for the Bounty Hunter, which looks a lot like a Bloodborne skin, but damn, it’s aesthetic as hell and definitely rocking that mysterious sniper soldier build. 


Chinese Stealth Armor Retexture


Created by: Halciet

A retexture of the Chinese Stealth Armor, which use the model from the game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is one of the signature exoskeleton armor used by Adam Jensen. This one’s a female version. 


Road Fighter Armor


Created by: Ollyoxen

Mojave couriers aren’t really a threat in terms of fighting skils, but you know what’s a threat? Their drip. This Road Fighter Armor will give 200% of swag damage to you when you encounter one of these absolute classy Mojave courier rocking this outfit. 


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