Top 15 Best Mafia 3 Mods to Get in 2021


Top 15 Best Mafia 3 Mods to Get in 2021

I’d say that Mafia 3 is one of the “okay-ish” games I’ve played on PC, and it badly needs mods to have the best overall experience. In my opinion, installing the best Mafia 3 mods can turn the “worse” gameplay it has on the base version into a better and worthy “triple-A” title.

Here are the top 15 best Mafia 3 mods to have in 2021. If you’re looking for more mods, you can also check our latest posts here.

#15 HUD Begone Mod

Made by: Cowlick035

Make the game more seamless and perfect by installing this Mafia 3 mod. HUD Begone introduces a cinematic experience of playing the game by removing the HUD and some other clustering elements. This mod allows the game to turn its regular quality into a kino-like movie.

Download here

14 Mafia 3 LUT Color Fix

Mafia 3 mods - LUT Color Fix
Base version
Mafia 3 mods - LUT Color Fix
Normal LUT

Made by: Kim1900

Experience Mafia 3 that’s a bit more alive than the original. LUT Color Fix literally dusts of the dusty look of the game and introduces a more vibrant, alive, and realistic contrasting color that appeals a lot better compared to the vanilla.

Download here

#13 21st Century Modern Cars in Traffic Mod

Mafia 3 mods - Modern Cars in Traffic

Made by: ORESAMA2202

Experience a more modern look by installing one of these Mafia 3 mods. This mod turns some of the vehicles in the game into a modern-day transport, giving them a more relatable design.

Download here

#12 Real Mob Suit for Clay Mod

Mafia 3 mods - Real Mob Suit for Clay

Made by: MAXXMX

Can’t go wrong with this one. Clay literally had one of the most boring designs ever. But with this mod, you can turn Clay into a rock-solid mafia man with the most robust fashion possible.

Download here

#11 Toggle HUD

Mafia 3 mods - Toggle HUD

Made by: TheJanitor

The Mafia genre is one of the most influential and prevalent movie niches and genres back in the 90s. With this mod, you can feel like you’re in one of the best films of all time, The Godfather Trilogy.

Download here

#10 Joker Nod for Lincoln Mod

Mafia 3 mods - Joker Mod for Lincoln

Made by: Jjent1

“What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society who abandons him and treats him like trash?”

Lincoln can now experience the real society moment by installing this mod. Watch how Lincoln will turn into a real gamer and rise up like the phoenix from its ashes, to burn the society that abandoned him and the whole world that gave him zero Veronicas. We really live in a society.

Download here

#9 Improved Crosshairs Mod

Mafia 3 mods - Improved Crosshairs

Made by: noobmodder

You can never go wrong with this mod. Improved crosshairs mod will literally make your shots a little bit more accurate than the original. It’s a mod that didn’t tweak anything except the “accuracy” of the crosshairs.

Download here

#8 Near Perfection Mod

Mafia 3 mods - NEAR PERFECTION
Reshade On
Mafia 3 mods - NEAR PERFECTION
Reshade Off

Made by: JibsouX

A shader mod that has some of the best possible graphical settings, which includes LUT, clear and ambient lighting, and sharp contrast of colors.

Download here

#7 Real Weapon Names Mod

Mafia 3 mods - Real Weapon Names

Made by: Aklis

Add some a bit of realism by installing this mod. This mod allows you to have accurate descriptions and names on each model of the weapons.

Download here

#6 First Person Mod

Mafia 3 mods - First Person Mod

Made by: MrGTAmodsgerman

Turns the game into a first-person mode. Really brings out the mafia in you when you shoot people in Lincoln’s POV instead of being a flying camera.

Download here

#5 DLC Unlocker

Made by: Modded Games

Although you don’t really have to install this mod at all, you can unlock the DLC by simply doing something illegal. But if you’re still keen on getting all the DLCs, then make sure to download this mod.

Download here

#4 Mafia 3 Player Model Changer Mod

Mafia 3 mods - Mafia 3 Player Model Changer

Made by: jedijosh920

Your imagination is the limit. With this mod, you can change the NPC and the player models into whatever you like. Just make sure you have all the right assets.

Download here

#3 Crash Fix Mod

Made by: Modded Games

A simple mod that fixes the startup crashes and makes sure that the game is up and running in no time.

Download here

#2 No Color Grading and Improved Contrast Mod

Mafia 3 mods - No Color Grading And Improved Contrast

Made by: SlowpokeVG

This mod removes a lot of unnecessary color contrasts, makes various improvisations with color gradient and schemes, and makes it a lot more high quality in terms of graphics settings.

Download here

#1 Colour Correction and Blur Removal Mod

Mafia 3 mods - Colour Correction And Blur Removal

Made by: Modded Games and Nyclix

A simple mod that eliminates the blur in the game and allows certain colors to be automatically corrected with the right color schemes fitting for the mod’s theme.

Download here