Best 5 Lovely Minecraft Fox House Ideas & Tutorial

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Want to build a Minecraft fox house but have no idea to do it? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will show you some best fox house ideas in Minecraft so you can construct them in your world. If you’re still confused, we also have a small guide below to help you build a sleeping fox house in Minecraft!

Minecraft Fox House

Fox is a passive mob that was added in the Minecraft 1.14 update and due to its cuteness, Minecraft players and kids always want to tame it and bring it home with them. But do you just let the foxes wander around in your house?

You can, but why not build a house for it? That’s why in this article, we will cover the best Minecraft fox house ideas so you can rebuild those in your base without any extra Minecraft skills!

List of Minecraft Fox House Ideas

#5 Small Fox Pen

Minecraft Fox House

We always start with the small thing first since they’re cute, easy to make, and consume fewer resources, which you can start building immediately within a few days in the game. Using some spruce trapdoors, fences, stairs, and other miscellaneous blocks, you can build a starter house for your fox.

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#4 Medium Minecraft Fox House

This Minecraft fox house looks like a chicken coop, isn’t it? Just make sure that you have already moved all of your chickens away from the coop because foxes will attack them. Then, replace the normal dirt with podzol and add a few sweet berries to create a fox-friendly environment. And now it’s time to lure both baby fox and adult fox in!

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#3 Standing Fox House

Why not build a fox house in a fox shape, right? The next three builds will take advantage of this thinking and guide you to build literally a Minecraft fox house. With the fox shape and color palette from the fox (white and orange), this build is worth a try for sure!

You can fit many rooms and functional blocks in this house since it’s big enough. And if you’re not satisfied, you can even dig down from the fox’s bottom to create even more space!

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#2 Sleeping Fox House

If you have limited space (mostly about the height), try this sleeping variant of the fox house by ManDooMiN. To create more texture and realism for the fox, this build uses different orange blocks such as concrete, wool, and other concrete colors as well. You will enter the house with the fox’s tail. Pretty cozy, right?

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#1 Sleeping Fox House – Arctic Fox Variant

Here is another variation of the normal sleeping fox house above, and it’s in cold biomes. By simply replacing the block palette with a more blue and white color, plus a noel hat on top of the fox to create a festival vibe. As usual, you can always dig underground for some extra space!

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How to Build a Minecraft Fox House

We will show you how to build a sleeping fox house step-by-step with pictures. In case you don’t want to watch the video!

For this particular build, you will need those materials listed below:

  • 291 Orange Concrete
  • 34 White Concrete
  • 6 Black Concrete
  • 4 Orange Terracotta
  • 2 White Terracotta
  • 18 Orange Carpet
  • 4 Black Carpet
  • 8 Glass
  • 2 String
  • 1 Iron Door
  • 2 Acacia Button

Step 1: Build the Head

Start building the sleeping fox house by layering it down like the image below. We mark the layer with interleaved terracotta colors so you can easily count the block needed. For the head, let’s build a 6 by 8 rectangle.

Build up 6 blocks using orange concrete and fill the roof as well.

Now let’s build the fox’s mouth right in the center of the head! Build two layers that contain 12 orange concrete each to create a 3x4x2 box.

Putting some white fur under the fox’s head for extra realism. Start on another edge of the head and put 3 white concrete there. Then just wrap it around the bottom to another side.

Use 2 black concrete blocks to create a nose for the fox. Then cover the mouth up by placing some orange carpet on top.

Time to add the eyes! Use 4 black concrete and 4 orange terracotta and place them like this.

The head is looking good! But it still missing the most important part of the fox – its ears. Use 6 white concrete and 2 white terracotta to build the ears. Remember to cover them up with black carpet on top. You’re done with the head!

Step 2: Build the Body

Now let’s start working on the body of the fox! Simply build a 4 block tall box and cover it up like the head.

Go behind the fox’s body, break 4 blocks on the two middle rows and replace them with 8 orange stained glass. You’re done with the body, cool, right?

Step 3: Build the Tail and Connect with the Body

Using the remaining layout, build a 3-block tall orange concrete wall. Cover the roof also and leave 2 empty blocks on the side nearest to the fox’s mouth. This will be the entrance to your fox house.

Use this pattern to cover the top of the tail with white concrete. Put 2 blocks at every corner and only 1 block at the edge.

Go between the body and the tail. Break two more blocks on each box and build a two-block tall wall like the picture below.

Now, this is the tricky part! You need to cover this part up with some orange carpets. And in order to do that for the middle blocks, you need to place two strings right below them. Simply hold the string and right-click to build it.

Time to add an iron door and an acacia button. Doing this will prevent most hostile mobs from entering your base.

Cover the floor of the tail and body with white wool. Now the whole building is extra comfy and soft!

Step 4: Prepare the Inside

We will not cover the interior in this guide. However, we will guide you to prepare the space and decorate it a little bit. First, break some blocks between the head and the body of the fox.

Then use the sea lanterns and orange carpets to bring some lighting to the house. Remember to spread it out to prevent hostile mobs from spawning.

Added two more sea lanterns at the entrance like this.

Go back to the head, you can literally use any wool for the floor of the head. But we will use white and orange wool with a checkboard pattern for this guide.

Finally, add two more sea lanterns on top of the head and build the modern neon light with 2 levers and an end rod. You’ve finished your busy day!


When it comes to animal houses in Minecraft, it’s important to think on an aesthetic side. But we cover both function and appearance builds anyway so you can have an overall look after all. You can build a Minecraft fox house clearly just for your fox to live in, or a real house in a fox shape. There are endless play possibilities!

Also, here are some Minecraft dome house ideas if you need more builds for your base. Let’s build and be creative!

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