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Jungle Minecraft House Ideas

Spanish Colonial Hotel In The Jungle

Turning a little bit to the history, we will introduce you to the Spanish Colonial Hotel. This hotel is one of the best Minecraft house ideas with ancient architecture. The roof of this building is built based on the shape of the tower - moving up vertically.

This building still has the significance of a Spanish house with the base being built of stone brick, the wall is a combination of white terracotta blocks and brick blocks. To make this hotel more charming, we believe you should set the room inside the house simply and decorate it with several lanterns!

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Jungle Tree House

The tree houses must be mentioned while discussing the infamous tall houses in Minecraft. The materials needed to build the house are just wooden blocks of different types (mostly oak planks) and some fences. And when it comes to building a treehouse in Minecraft, you will need a lot of leaves!

The biggest advantage when living in the treehouse is you don't need to worry about hostile mobs. So feel free to setup all of your necessary rooms like the storage room to store your stuff, the smelting room with a furnace and some light sources to make it cozy, and so on!

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Jungle Tree House

This is considered a safe place to live, as well as an aesthetically impressive building. First, you need to destroy a part of the trunk and build the platform using jungle slabs. Then you will make a small house using variations of jungle wood.

The jungle log pillar, the wall is made of stripped jungle logs, the entrance is a jungle door and the window is a jungle trapdoor. The pyramidal roof is made from a jungle slab. One important thing for a tree house is safety, you can use a jungle fence and jungle fence gate for railing. Don't forget to add some torches for lighting.

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