Top 10 Best Noita Mods 2021

I’m pretty sure Noita ain’t that popular since it’s an indie game, but to connoisseurs of the rogue-lite/like genres, it’s a pretty hit one. The devs really know what’s up with the Noita and they made sure that they’re reaching out to the correct demographic. Anyway, here’s a compilation of the top 10 best Noita



Created by: mluppov

Spray the power of firearms and rain hell to your enemies with this mod. This mod removes the cornyass medieval weapons you have and replaces them with the power of freedom, the M16 and M1911. Killing enemies has never been this fun. 


Life when Goldpickup


Created by: cflare

Roguelites are “hard” to some extent, that’s like the genre it defines. This mod will help you survive your entire playthrough by restoring some of your missing HP everytime you pick up those shiny gold. It’s like cheesing the game all throughout, but a little help doesn’t hurt, especially if you’re a casual. 




Created by: invalidfate

Finally, you can now enforce the power of the high ground and slash your way through with this lightsabers mod. This mod will replace the starter wands with lightsabers, which also comes with deflection abilities. Now, only if you can find your own Padme. 


Lukki Mutation Enhanced


Created by: Elby94

This mod will allow you to be Spiderman, minus the exaggerated swagger of a black teen, to climb the walls without the risk of falling. 


Modified Gold Timer


Created by: Exeter

I don’t see the reason why gold nuggets will even have a timer, but I guess it’s just this game’s mechanic to make sure you know your priorities. Modified gold timer will make sure that you can set the rate at which these gold nuggets will be long gone. 


More Attracting Gold


Created by: Wolfstorm

A simple mod that allows you to be the blackhole of these shiny gold nuggets. What it does is it attracts gold nuggets, which allows you to get them faster without having to go an extra mile trying to fetch them. Works best with speedrunning. 


More Gold


Created by: Lhonna

Well, it is what it is. It’s a mod that allows you to have more gold than usual. Basically, you’ll get a gold multiplier which drastically increases your gold.


Noita Wand- and Loadout Editor


Created by: Ruadhan2300

A simple tool which allows you to customize your loadout everytime you start a game, so you’ll get less downtime and more uptime with gameplay.


Robes Any Color


Gameversion: 1.15.2

A selection of randomized palettes and color schemes for your robes, which randomizes or you can manually customize each time you start a game. 


Spurdo slime


Created by: Stripes

A replacement for the slime shooter with an adorable yet deadly Spurdo. 


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