Top 10 Best Outward Mods to Play in 2021

Top 10 Best Outward Mods to Play in 2021

Outward is pretty much one of the best games to play in 2021, especially if you’re using mods with it.

It’s been 2 years since this game was out, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t live up to its genre. It’s amazing on vanilla, albeit a little hard to learn, since it doesn’t hold your hand when you play, but it’s basically one of the best games you could play with the squad.

And since I love RPGs, why don’t we check and pick our best bet for the Top 10 Best Outward Mods to Play in 2021? Well, I’m doing it now. Let’s check it out!

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#10 Multiplayer Limit Remover

Created by: faedarian

Don’t you hate it when you can only play with one of your friends on a split-screen? Well, this mod does a good job of making sure that you’re playing with two or more. Nothing beats two more brains on your team. Keep in mind that this mod here [link] is an updated version.

You also need to follow this video, so you’ll know the step-by-step method of installing.

Download here

#9 Multiple Quickslot Bars | Raid Mode

Created by: sinaidev and SpicerXD

This mod is a cyclable Quickslot Toolbars, like those in MMORPGs.

you can set the custom keybindings in the game’s menu. However, you should take note that this weapon wouldn’t give you additional slots. Instead, you’ll get alternate bars.

The older version of this mod was outdated was shifted into the Raid Mode mod.

Download here

#8 Linked Stash Chests

Created by: kongenav

Tired of micromanaging your resources, items, and inventory using multiple chests? Using this mod, you don’t have to worry about losing time and wasting your effort dabbling between items and multiple chest locations.

Download here

#7 Shared Quests Rewards Mod

Created by: sinaidev

Although it’s actually really good to have Quest Rewards separated from each other to have some sort of realism and immersion, it’s still quite good to have a mod that allows your party to accumulate and receive the same rewards, for the same rewards you guys took together.

Unless your teammate is total luggage, you don’t need this mod.

Download here

#6 More Map Details

Created by: sinaidev

Another quality-of-life mod adds more details to the map. Of course, the game doesn’t tell you everything that you need to know. At least this mod allows you to understand what is on that map and what you should take your next adventure on.

Download here

#5 More Carry Weight

Created by: millenna

This section is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to carry a little bit more loots and items, then you should definitely add this mod. Unless that’s cheating on you, then it’s fine without it.

Download here

#4 Combat HUD

Created by: sinaidev

Another one of sinaidev’s amazing mod collection, this mod really makes the game a little bit of an MMORPG rather than a coop and a single-player experience.

In my case, I wouldn’t really need this mod, but for those meta freaks who want to maximize everything in the game, including the CD timer, status effect duration, and many more, then this mod is pretty much your bread and butter.

Download here

#3 Player Map Markers Mod

Created by: Keretus

A pretty simple mod that allows you to track your friends wherever they are on the map. Although it kills the immersion of exploring together and pretty much-navigating everything.

Download here

#2 More Gatherable Loot

Created by: lasyan3

Looting is one of the essential things you’ll have to do in any RPG. But in this case, the vanilla just doesn’t have the worst drop rate possible, but also less amount that you can take.

With this mod, you can override the game’s design and pretty much lessen your restocking period and town travels.

Download here

#1 Outward Sideloader Mod

Created by: sinaidev

It’s the technical side of modding. If you’re a modder, you need this. But if you’re just browsing for something to add to your library, then this might not be the mod for you.

Download here

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