Skyrim Slavery Mods – The 5 Most Popular Slavery Mods

The Most Downloaded Slavery Mods For Skyrim! Even though slavery in Skyrim is not in practices now, you can still find Skyrim slavery mods that will let you keep slaves in Skyrim. These mods will get you new commands, hideouts, quests and a lot more for your slaves. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the top Skyrim Slavery Mods that still exist in the game. 

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#5 Paradise Halls – Slaver’s Hideout Add-On

Paradise Halls – Slaver’s Hideout Add-On by Emotika is an add-on mod for Paradise Halls – Skyrim Slavery WIP. This mod adds a hideout where you can keep your slaves before selling. The hideout is basically a two-story place with a top floor and a basement with nicely decorated interiors. 

So the top floor has a bed and a table with a key and an important note. Whereas the basement has a jail cell where you will command your slaves to wait inside. These slaves will never escape the cell even if they find they find an unlocked door. Of course you will be needing the Paradise Halls – Skyrim Slavery WIP mod for this to work. 

#4 Paradise Halls Dres Trade -slavery-WIP

Paradise Halls – Dres Trade-slavery-WIP is a Skyrim slavery mod created by RET45. The mod adds a whole new paid labor system, two small slave camps and a follower stand-down for the Paradise Halls (0.6 compatible) mod.

You can buy and sell the desired slaves to Des Trader, a slaves trader that can be found in the trade cave. You can look at the map to find the trade cave in the east of the rift. There’s also an encounter with this trader, meaning that you will have to talk to him before making the trade. The mod also adds a chest in the west of the trade cave near the crash site. This chest has more than enough “Binds of Tear” poison that will buy you all of the slaves. 

However, remember not to bring your slaves to the trade camp if you are not selling them. You can however keep them in a nearby place.

#3 Paradise Halls Essential Slave Shouts Slavery Mod

Paradise Halls 0_6 – Essential Slave Shouts -slavery-WIP is a Skyrim slavery mod created by RET45. This mod adds all 4 new commands and mgmt utilities for you to use on your slaves. These are inspired by the UFO Field Command Book. The mod also has new sound effects for these commands. 

You can find the command book in Whiterun under a desk in Farengar’s study. You will have to read this book in order to learn the commands. There is an AllFollow command, an AllWait command, a Purge command and a Teleport command. The first two can control 15 slaves who are upto 1500 units from you. A very useful mod for you to control the slaves.

#2 Slave Pack Riekling Porter

Slave Pack Riekling Porter is a Skyrim slavery mod by Prometheus. This is a very fun mod that adds an amusing little Riekling porter carrying an oversized backpack who will follow you all around and carry your weights. 

The porter is an outcast who lives all by himself on a small self-declared rocky island called Wak Wak. He will be all yours but there is a little catch. You need to do him a little favor that he asks you. He is a fully voiced character. Have fun roaming around with this funny creature!

#1 Paradise Halls – Family Feud

Paradise Halls – Family Feud is a Skyrim slavery mod created by OmegaIsraelTerri. This mod brings new characters to Skyrim who are basically heads of The Family trading with slavers. They have brought with themselves some new merch and dark secrets concerning slavery. There are all new weapons, characters, collars, armors, staff, slaves, a new place and alot more. 

You as a player will meet them and without realizing, you will enter this human traffic ring with no turning back. Download now to uncover deep secrets about The Family.


These are some of the most popular Skyrim slavery mods that bring back the old traditions of slavery to Skyrim. So if you are looking for slavery mods that add new characters, slaves, slave camps and hideouts, this is the perfect list for you.

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