The 10 Greatest Minecraft Turret Mods


The greatest way to defend your base in Minecraft is to use Turrets. Turrets will easily protect your base from any kind of threat that might destroy your base. If you have trouble keeping your base safe then try out some of the mods below.

There are countless amounts of threats in modded Minecraft and sometimes it can be very annoying protecting your base from threats. The solution to this is setting up turrets all around your base to easily destroy anyone that you want. There are many different factors that make a turret mod really good and the 2 biggest are ammo usage and upgrades for the turret. Nobody is looking for a turret that can’t even hold off a small number of mobs. If you are looking for new mods to check out then check out my list of the greatest turret mods.

#10 Turret Mod Rebirth

This Turret Mod allows you to make different tiers of turrets that you can upgrade. The turrets all look and feel very minecrafty and have a great feel to them. They aren’t the best turrets to defend bases due to their health on them but they are really great for tower defense worlds. If you are looking for a defense system that isn’t overpowered then check this mod out because it is a very balanced turret mod.

Download Turret Mod Rebirth Here

#9 Turretry

Turretry is a very interesting turret mod that allows you to make elemental guns that you can equip onto a turret. The guns are all really cool and overpowered making them extra fun when put onto a turret. The design of all the weapons is super cool and fits well into the game. If you are looking for decent and overpowered laser turrets then you need to check out this mod.

Download Turretry Here

#8 Villager INC – Ordnance

The Villager INC mod is the best turret mod for immersive gamers that want to play modded Minecraft. This is because of the fact that how greatly the mod balances everything they add. The new turrets aren’t the strongest on the list but the mod itself and how well-balanced they made it gets higher on the list. If you are an immersive gamer then you need to use this turret mod.

Download Villager INC Here

#7 Open Modular Turrets

The Open Modular Turret mod is one of the strongest turret mods that you can find and this is because of how complex and fun it is to use. The turrets range from insanely strong to insanely weak depending on what tier it is. This is a great way to allow players to slowly upgrade their base from a weak but effective base to an impenetrable fortress that will only have infinite graved depending on the number of visitors you get. If you want to keep everyone out of your base forever then check out this mod.

Download Open Modular Turrets Here

#6 K-Turrets

The K-Turrets mod is a really cool mod that I find slightly cooler than Open Modular Turrets. This is because of the types of ammo the turrets use. There are plenty of variations of Turrets that all use vanilla Minecraft items like arrows cobblestone and nether bricks as ammo. The shot of each turret is very pretty and makes the mod even greater in my opinion. If you are looking for a simple yet fun turret mod then this is definitely the one you should check out.

Download K-Turrets Here

#5 Portal Blocks

The Portal Blocks mod is a great mod that every Portal fan would love. The mod adds plenty of fun things from the game Portal and I will be focusing on the turret from this mod. The turret isn’t very powerful and is easily disabled by players but it is fairly good at fighting off mobs. Another cool thing is that it is super adorable and is made even more adorable due to the fact that you can even make a broken turret that doesn’t have any bullets but will sit there and look pretty.

Download Portal Blocks Here

#4 Mana and Artifice

The Mana and Artifice mod is a really great magic mod that allows you to do some awesome things like making a bunch of elemental turrets to defend your base. These turrets can deal an insane amount of damage and will easily make your base safe. If you have ever been scared of your base being raided while you are gone this is one of the strongest turret mods that will easily wipe out any threats you face.

Download Mana and Artifice Here

#3 Immersive Engineering

Immersive engineering is a beautiful power mod that adds tons of new machines. The turret from this mod is extremely underrated due to the fact that you can equip it with armor-piercing bullets. Although that is the case due to the number of resources it requires to make this it is very rare that you see these protecting anyone base. Due to that, I suggest using fences and maybe hard walls to also protect your base. If you are as big of a fan of this mod as I am then you need to check out this mod.

Download Immersive Engineering Here

#2 PneumaticCraft: Repressurized

The Pneumaticcraft turret is a pressure-based mod that adds tons of new machines that you can play around with. The turret the mod adds is a great stationary defense that will easily shoot down any target. The mod also adds tons of drones that when used with the turret make your base insanely hard to penetrate. If you like alt machine mods then you need to check out Pneumaticcraft.

Download PneumaticCraft Here

#1 Shoulder Cannons

The shoulder cannon mod is one of the cutest and most fun mods on this list. This is because of the fact that your shoulder cannon will protect you from anything that decides to attack you even while you are in your inventory. The cannon can even be upgraded to become even more powerful. The reason it’s on this list is because it requires very little resources and is a decent free defense system for your body. If that sounds interesting to you then you need to try this mod.

Download Shoulder Cannons Here

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