Beach Hut

One of the great features of the minecraft beach house idea is that always faces the sea so you can enjoy the beautiful sea. With inspirations from reality, in the video tutorial below, the Youtuber has given the dimensions of the hut as a blueprint, you just have to watch and follow, it's that simple, isn't it?

Lying down on a chair made of spruce stairs blocks to relax, enjoy life, and watch the sunset and sunrise would be very appealing to you, right? Because the small beach house is constructed on the water so it needs to be supported by wood columns made of striped spruce log blocks.

A room is made mainly of striped spruce log blocks too, the ceiling is combined with oak slab and spruce slab. So you can avoid the harsh noonday sun. In addition, there is a room quite similar to the porch with the main white color is made from white carpet. The resources to make it is white wool. And don't forget to decorate the house with more variety, such as potted plants and lanterns.

Watch tutorial

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