Bridge And Beach House

If you are bored with the crowded conditions in big cities, or tired of working days, the space of the beach house will help you rebalance. Walking on the sea is a worthwhile experience, isn't it? Let's build a spruce slab bridge to your beach house!

A simple square house with a platform made of the spruce slab, walls made of acacia planks, and a ceiling made of jungle slab. The beach house stands firmly in the middle of the four-sided space of water, supported by pillars made of sandstone wall blocks. You can also build a patio around the house to enjoy the sea view.

Although small but no less important, you should install more lights around your house. These decorations will be a valuable addition to your house! The next thing you need to do is wait for the night to fall, you will see an extremely shimmering and fanciful view due to the combination of the light resource of the moon, lights, and thousands of stars.

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