Flat Roof

This simple roof design may also be referred to as a parapet roof, which designates a roof that is surrounded by a parapet (a small protective wall). Making a flat roof is simple, but creating one that appears authentic requires a little more work. Take a page out of the village blacksmith's book and add a border; that small bit of extra work goes a long way toward making this uncomplicated structure appear more appealing.

For a roof border, you should always strive to use distinct block kinds. Use slabs, as shown in the figure, or reversible stairs to create a gutter. You may also add a parapet or a border of blank signs all the way around the structure to make the roof area safe to use.

Using the same materials as the rest of the structure is the one thing you shouldn't do. These roofs have one drawback: if they aren't lit up or covered in slabs, buttons, or pressure plates, they tend to be good places for mobs to spawn at night.

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