Giant Suburban Mansion

Take a look at this thumbnail above and imagine how insane and incredible it is when having such a giant, enormous mansion! This Minecraft building consists of a mixture between oak, dark oak, birch, quartz, stone, and white terracotta. The structure is a 3-story style, with multiple rooms, or facilities placed on a vast area.

You can set up each floor with any kind of facility according to your liking, but no matter what kind of room it is, you will need to set up a number of light sources such as glowstone blocks to make the best view of this mansion, although you will find it tricky.

The outside decoration is filled with a massive swimming pool placed in the middle, 2-layer entrance yard, which made the extraordinary look. We recommend grabbing another player to help you with this. Otherwise, building this mansion will be an absolutely time-consuming process.

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