Large Oakwood Survival Cottage

This cottage-style oakwood survival home is a big change over the traditional cottage, offering a variety of conveniences and add-ons. It goes without saying that this design will require more time and effort than many of the others, but if you're searching for a large and cozy cottage that has everything you need, it will be worthwhile.

This house, which employs a soft color scheme and focuses on wood logs, light planks, and fencing, can also be considered a sort of lodge. It has a large number of interior rooms and features, including a kitchen, storage space, roomy bedroom, living room, study, two-tier balcony, porch, and much more.

It also includes a small and comfortable space for animals, a fully furnished lower-level farming area, and top-deck planter areas for Minecraft players with an eye for gardening. Tall slimline windows, strategically placed plants in pots, shutters, hanging lanterns, and other decorations complete the look!

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