Modern Beach Villa

A modern-style beach villa will be the perfect choice because it will satisfy you both with beautiful views along with full facility and luxury than the old designs like medieval houses. Looking at this picture you will feel complications and don't know how to start building, right? Don't worry, in the video tutorial below, the Youtuber will guide you through everything from blueprints to how to decorate the house.

As you can see, the beach villa wall is made of smooth quartz block which is suitable to constant the effects of nature, making your home durable over time. In front of the building made from glass blocks, the view from the room is wider and more beautiful, and the space is also filled with natural light. You can leave the stair in the middle, leading to other rooms such as the garage, and vases. The best decoration idea for the beach house is the leaves and vines blocks. It doesn't only avoid boring walls but also brings new space. Let's put it anywhere you want!

Watch tutorial

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