Simple Minecraft Medieval Windmill

This windmill version is a little bit smaller, and also shorter. That’s why it’s simpler. On a 3x3 layout, it’s tiny yet detailed. Birch trapdoors are used for the foundation, and birch planks and spruce planks are part of the walls. We highly recommend using stripped birch logs to build the body instead of oak or spruce logs, in order to brighten your windmill.

To be more realistic, add some glass panels at the corners of the building so that you can stay inside but still have a good look outside. Blades are built similarly to #10, but it’s made of wood materials instead of concrete. On the inside, feel free to fulfill the space with a stair run from the bottom to the top, some tables or chests…This windmill tutorial is super easy to follow even when you’re a beginner.

Watch tutorial

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