Small Castle

One of the safest survival bases you can build in Minecraft is a defensive castle. The wall of the house is made mainly from stone, combined with cobblestone and polished andesite to make the wall look more beautiful.

There are 2 watchtowers with windows covered by a spruce fence, above the terrace, there is a stone brick wall railing. The roof is made of oak stairs and oak slap, and the border is made of spruce slabs. Above it is a chimney made from the same material as the wall and has a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor on top.

Next to it is an arc-shaped staircase, made of a spruce slab. There is also a porch made of the extinguished campfire in front of the entrance of the watchtower. Don't forget to build a fence with stone blocks, and light and decorate your castle with lanterns.

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