Gloves (Skyrim): ID, Spawn Commands & Weight

Binh Tran
Gloves are casual gauntlets that can be worn on the hands and can not be worn simultaneously with other gauntlets or bracers. They are useless when it comes to armor, however, they can be enchanted to provide benefits. Gloves are sold by merchants around Skyrim, hunters, or Barknar, and you may find them in Anise's Cabin or the College of Winterhold. Gloves are obviously available via the ID below.

General Info:

  • Type: Clothing

Gloves: Editor Name & Spawn id

What is the Editor Name of the Gloves?


Gloves ID Code:


Gloves: Spawn Commands

Spawn Command to get the Gloves into the game:

Open the console and enter [player.AddItem] then the [Base ID] and then the [Amount]. With the example below, you will add one Gloves.

player.AddItem 000CF8B1 1

Spawn Command to place the Gloves in front of your character:

Open the console and enter [player.AddItem] then the [Base ID] and then the [Amount]. The example below places one Gloves in front of your character.

player.PlaceAtMe 000CF8B1 1

Gloves: Class, Weight, Value & Damage

What does the Gloves weigh?

1 kilogram

Gloves: Locations



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