Gold (Skyrim): ID, Spawn Commands, Value & Weight

Binh Tran
Gold is the standard currency in Skyrim, although the official coins are often known as Septims, gold is considered popular in many places. Gold can be mined, smelted, and forged into jewelry. Gold or coins can be obtained by completing quests, looting dead enemies, being found in chests, or selling things. Another option to get gold is by spawning it with the ID below.

Gold: Editor Name & Spawn id

What is the Editor Name of the Gold?


Gold ID Code:


Gold: Spawn Commands

Spawn Command to get the Gold into the game:

Open the console and enter [player.AddItem] then the [Base ID] and then the [Amount]. With the example below, you will add one Gold.

player.AddItem 0000000F 1

Spawn Command to place the Gold in front of your character:

Open the console and enter [player.AddItem] then the [Base ID] and then the [Amount]. The example below places one Gold in front of your character.

player.PlaceAtMe 0000000F 1

Gold: Class, Weight, Value & Damage

What is the base value of the Gold?


Gold: Locations




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