Hanging Moss (Skyrim): ID, Spawn Commands, Value & Weight

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Hanging Moss is an ingredient that is found and harvested on rocky ledges, trees, or dungeon ceilings. This plant can combine with 42 other ingredients to produce several effects. Most of them can be found during your journey throughout Skyrim, for example, a few are found around the river area between Karthwasten and Sundered Towers, on the tree in Blind Cliff Cave, in Dustman’s Cairn, Solitude Catacombs, Moss Mother Cavern, or inside Bloated Man's Grotto. This plant is best for potions and nothing else, so we recommend that you use ID instead of spending time collecting an item that doesn't have much value.

Hanging Moss: Editor Name & Spawn id

What is the Editor Name of the Hanging Moss?


Hanging Moss ID Code:


Hanging Moss: Spawn Commands

Spawn Command to get the Hanging Moss into the game:

Open the console and enter [player.AddItem] then the [Base ID] and then the [Amount]. With the example below, you will add one Hanging Moss.

player.AddItem 00057F91 1

Spawn Command to place the Hanging Moss in front of your character:

Open the console and enter [player.AddItem] then the [Base ID] and then the [Amount]. The example below places one Hanging Moss in front of your character.

player.PlaceAtMe 00057F91 1

Hanging Moss: Class, Weight, Value & Damage

What does the Hanging Moss weigh?

0.25 kilograms

What is the base value of the Hanging Moss?


Hanging Moss: Locations




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