15 Best Far Cry 5 Mods for PC in 2021


Far Cry 5 mods isn’t nearly as popular as the game. I can’t say much for Far Cry 5, other than the fact that there are a lot of bugs in the game right now. Although, I would say that I did enjoy my time, but it could probably be better. Personally, FC 2 and 3 were my favorites. 4 was okay, but eh. I’d still prefer 3 over any other Far Cry games in the future.

But if you’re looking to spice up your game, we have the best Far Cry 5 mods just for you. Here are our top 15 picks for the best Far Cry 5 mods for PC in 2021.

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#15 Far Cry 5 Arcade Editor Mod

Made by: Steve64b

Far Cry 5 has never been this fun. This mod adds up so many things in the game that it’ll make it look like Ubisoft never made the game themselves. There are 20,000+ new objects added to the game. There are 200+ new weapons and ammunition, textures packs, music, AIs, and many other things too many to mention. Go check it out!

Download here

14 Winter Hope County

Far Cry 5 mods - Winter Hope County
Winter Hope County

Made by: RealArmanIII

Hope County has always been a fierce yet peaceful land. But with this mod, you can feel the chilly atmosphere of this beautiful land whilst giving you the best sights, covered in pure, white snow.

Oh boy, I hope nothing bad ever happens in this winter wonderland. The sight is pretty nice and one of the things I like about this mod is how it’s fitting for this serene county to be covered in snow, since it’s full of cold-blooded killers, anyway.

Download here

#13 Far Cry 5 (E3-like Reshade Mod)

Far Cry 5 E3-like Reshade

Made by: shiba

We’ve always been fooled by the lighting and the looks of the game when publishers and developers are showcasing them on E3. The same could be said about Far Cry 5. With this mod, you can experience the game as shown in its E3 footages.

Download here

#12 Far Cry 5 Better Ballistics Mod

Made by: Chinua The Rage Bear

This mod is a fan favourite and a pretty popular one. Far Cry 5 Better Ballistics introduces real-life mechanics into the game, tweaking the overall capabilities of the guns and ammunition to mimick its real-life counterpart.

Download here

#11 Realistic Graphic Mod Reshade

Far Cry 5 mods - Realistic Graphic Mod Reshade

Made by: crackman87

This graphical overhaul changes the standard look of the base version of Far Cry 5 and turns it into something more realistic and graphically pleasing. With RTX on, it looks a lot more gorgeous. Probably one of the best Far Cry 5 mods on PC.

Download here

#10 Vibrant and Natural Light Reshade Mod

Far Cry 5 mods - Vibrant And Natural Light Reshade
Base Version
Far Cry 5 mods - Vibrant And Natural Light Reshade
Mod reshade

Made by: ONSX

This mod tweaks the standard and natural look of Far Cry 5. It enhances its visual details by reshading its natural colors with a more realistic approach, making it more “alive” than usual.

Download here

#9 Rich Cultists Mod

Made by: Schrotflinte12

All cultists will drop 75 USD, another 10,000 USD for any Herold you defeated, plus Resistance Points Package. No one is gonna be broke in Hope County no more, especially you.

Download here

#8 Player and NPC Appearance Mod

Far Cry 5 mods - Player And NPC Appearance Mod
Far Cry 5 mods - Player And NPC Appearance Mod

Made by: AOY

Let your NPCs run wild with drip and swag. With this mod, you can customize not only your looks but also the NPCs in the game. Tweak it as you like, there’s a couple of selection of costumes they can wear and run the gun with.

Download here

#7 Boomer Mod

Far Cry 5 mods - Wolf Companion

Made by: xBaebsae

I have a soft spot for Boomer. He’s a pretty good boy, but you know you’re a lone wolf too, right? You might as well bring another lone wolf for the best lone wolf wombo-combo. This mod changes Boomer’s default skin render into a wolf skin.

Download here

#6 NPC Weapons Balanced Mod

Made by: Sheng

A balancing mod that allows you to have fair gameplay against the AIs, who, for some reason, always bring the best military kit just to take you down. That’s pretty unfair for the most part. But with this mod, you’ll be able to have a fair chance of winning.

Download here

#5 Far Cry 5 Redemption

Made by: JRavens

Far Cry 5 Redemption is a tweaking mod that allows you to balance out RP awards to make sure that you won’t be missing quests through your game progression. There are also some balances and quality of life changes in the game. But this only works out for legit copies of the game.

Download here

#4 Player Clothing and Heads

Far Cry 5 mods - Player Clothing And Heads

Made by: xBaebsae

Customize how your character looks with this nice mod. It has a lot of fashionable clothes that are waiting for you to wear. There are a lot of Far Cry 5 mods on PC out there, but this one is my favorite, especially for the customization.

Download here

#3 Natural And Realistic Far Cry 5 Reshade

Far Cry 5 mods - Natural And Realistic Far Cry 5 Reshade

Made by: Spaget

A pretty realistic and natural reshade, this mod brings Far Cry 5 to the next level. It doesn’t really have a heavy graphical overhaul, unlike the previous entries. But this mod alone makes Far Cry 5 more than just an action game. It’s pretty scenic at best, especially during the sunset and early dawn.

Download here

#2 True Montana Graphics

Far Cry 5 mods - True Montana Graphics

Made by: MadMax

I’d say this mod is pretty bright for me. I’ve never actually like the base version of the game, but this looks pretty okay with me. It makes the game a little bit more playable, even though at base it already is.

True Montana Graphics mod lightens up the game and makes it easier for you to contrast various objects with sharpened colors.

Download here

#1 Far Cry 5 Resistance Mod

Far Cry 5 mods - Far Cry 5 Resistance

Made by: Resistance Mod team

One of the best, if not the best, Far Cry 5 mods out there. It has everything that you’ll ever need in a mod and it doesn’t cut in quality when you install the mod on your PC.

It allows you to have control over resistance points, AI placements, region stabilizations, live events, and many more!

Download here