15 Best Just Cause 4 Mods For PC And Xbox One In 2021


The Best Just Cause 4 Mods for PC and Xbox One In 2021

If you’re looking for the best Just Cause 4 mods, you’re at the right place. And whether you wanna admit it or not, Just Cause 4 is just meh at best. But to spice it up with mods is something that just seals the deal in making the game playable.

Hi, folks. Welcome to TheBestMods, where we list all the best mods on any platform possible. Today, we’re gonna list some of our favorite picks for the best Just Cause 4 mods, both for PC and XBox One!

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#15 Ashen Mod Tools for Just Cause 4

Created by: unknownmiscreant

Before you can install all the mods for Just Cause 4 below, you need a nice mod manager for the game. This mod tool is an application that allows you to edit, add, and remove mods from your game. It also adopts the modding system in Just Cause 3, which is a pretty nice touch. Be sure to follow the instructions before installing any mods to avoid game crashes.

Download here

14 Reshade Config Mod

Best Just Cause 4 mods - Base version
Base version
Best Just Cause 4 mods - Reshade Config
Reshade Config

Created by: p33r

The Reshade config mod for Just Cause 4 fixes most of the standard and base version lightning, effects, and overall visual details of the game with a lighter tone and a better ratio with colors.

Download here

#13 More Chaos – a factions mod

Best Just Cause 4 mods - More Chaos

Created by: David

Who doesn’t like more chaos? That’s the only fun aspect of Just Cause 4. And this mod has everything you ever wanted in a Just Cause game: more chaos! This mod adds up more factions into the game by cutting down and making the already existing factions into various types of NPC groups.

Good luck fighting multiple groups at once!

Download here

#12 More Rebels – Convert Civilians into Rebels

Best Just Cause 4 mods - More Rebels

Created by: David

From the same guy that brought you More Chaos, comes even more chaos. More Rebels turn the city populace into Rebels. Not everyone will be rebels, though. But there’ll be numerous Rebels all over the city, just for immersion. Add the More Chaos mod together and you’ll have a blast, literally!

Download here

#11 Up-Armored – Cosmetic Mods for Rebels

Best Just Cause 4 mods - Up-armored

Created by: David

David won’t stop until your entire game is basically his playground. And we love it. Up-armored is a cosmetic mod for your Rebels so they won’t look like they’re university students taken in for the communist cause. At the very least, give them the military drip and the rebellious swag they deserve.

Download here

#10 Loaded Rebels – Improved Rebel Armory Mod

Best Just Cause 4 mods - Loaded Rebels

Created by: David

“A man can never have too much wine, too much books, or too much ammunition” – Rudyard Kipling

He’s right on this one. You can never fight a war on an empty stomach or magazine, in this case. Loaded Rebels is a mod that’s tailored and outfitted for your Rebels to have the very best weapons to fight against tyranny or something.

Download here

#9 2.5x Grapple Distance Mod

Created by: Z-Dante

I’ve always been a fan of long-range grapples in Just Cause 2 and 3. They’re neat and one of the best mods out there. Sometimes, they break, but it’s okay. They’re mods. You can now enjoy a longer Spiderico action with a longer range on your grapple hook.

Download here

#8 Infinite Ammo Extended Grapple Hook

Created by: h3x3r

Pretty straightforward. You’ll have infinite rounds to kill more NPCs without reloading, no more annoying intros, and a really nice and long grapple hook with little to no bugs.

Download here.

#7 Better Hoverboards Mod

Best Just Cause 4 mods - Better Hoverboards

Created by: Protato

One of the best Just Cause 4 mods out there and actually one of my favorites, Better Hoverboards introduces a sleek and decent Hoverboard mod into the game. It increases your top speed, adds a burst speed, and then amped it up to the extreme.

Literally the entire map is your skating playground.

Download here

#6 Epic Weapon Pack

Created by: Kaiyerecampbell

A weapons’ mod pack loaded with a lot of the best weapon choices the game could ever offer. This mod pack is second to none when it comes to its epicness.

Download here

#5 Better Weapons Mod

Best Just Cause 4 mods - Better Weapons

Created by: Protato

There’s nothing more satisfying than having increase clip size, fire rate, and better ammunition packages than this mod. Every little aspect of the weapons was tweaked for a sweet mix of action and a small amount of “realism”.

Download here

#4 Organized Chaos Mod

Best Just Cause 4 mods - Organized Chaos

Created by: Davo

Sure, more chaos is fun. But its randomness can be a little too unappealing to those who want some coordinated action. This mod solves the silliness of randomness and offers a unique take on chaos, an organized one.

Download here

#3 Better Supply Drops

Best Just Cause 4 mods - Better Supply Drops

Created by: Protato

One of the best mods out there, Better Supply Drops mod allows you to access DLC content early on to test out what you paid for. It’s one of the best mods out there that allows you to get over-locked content because you deserved it.

Download here

#2 Redux Graphics Mod

Best Just Cause 4 mods - Redux Graphics Mod

Created by: Levitonhd

One of the forerunners for the best graphics mods for Just Cause 4, this mod brings the nostalgic beauty of Just Cause 3 with the integration of its (JC3) color scheme into the game.

It looks alive more than ever and honestly, it’s a pretty cool graphics mod with the best overall settings for the graphics, optimized for Nvidia users.

Download here

#1 Ultra Realistic Lighting Graphics Mod

Best Just Cause 4 mods - Ultra Realistic Lighting Graphics Mod

Created by: KTMXModding

This takes the cake for the best Just Cause 4 mod out there. It literally made the game so much better with better reshading and lighting, as well as a massive graphical overhaul. The game looks gorgeous as hell now.

Download here