17 Must-Have GTA 4 Mods to Enhance Your Gameplay


Looking for a away to improve your GTA 4 gameplay and freshen up your experience? Check out these top 17 GTA 4 mods that will not only offer you a better gameplay but also offer unique in-game content that you have not experienced before.

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: Callum5042

Released in 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the most played action-adventure games by Rockstar North. It was released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms and is the sixth release in the GTA franchise that is still widely played, despite there being a successor of the game, Grand Theft Auto V. Thanks to its huge community of modders that have managed to keep the game fresh, it is still played by thousands of fans.

To keep the game alive in this day and age where video games come with impeccable visuals, modders have released many graphics and sound mods for GTA 4 that make the game more relevant for today.

So we decided to create a list of the best GTA 4 mods released till date. Whether you are looking for better graphics, sounds, or cars, this list has it all. So without further ado, let’s take a look at them, shall we? Do note that you will need Script Hook and ASI Launcher to use the script mods in this list.

Top 17 Best GTA 4 Mods of All Time [Ranked]

#17 Pagani Zonda R

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: NatT96Report

Zonda R is one of the best track day cards that not only exudes luxury and speed, but also comfort. This mod brings Pagani Zonda R to GTA V using the Open IV program. So once you have installed the Open IV program, follow these steps to add this super car to your collection:

  • Open the “Open IV” program.
  • Find and open “vehicles.img”.
  • Replace the “turismo.wtd” and “turismo.wft” that come in this package.

If you are looking for a guide on how to install car mods in GTA 4, check out this YouTube video.

Download the Pagani Zonda R mod now for GTA 4

#16 Huge Explosions

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: AphroditeGoddessofLove

Ever wanted the in-game explosions to be more drastic and impactful? Well, this mod does exactly that by causing huge explosions. Basically everything that explodes in the game will now be HUGE. It starts a chain reaction whenever you blow up one car, which will result in more explosions.

For instance, blowing up a gas pump would cause explosions in all of them and even the vehicles that are in the proximity. Even RPGs and grenades would feel like mini nukes and C4s now. How terrific, right? However, make sure not to blow up anything near you as you may end up blowing yourself too.

Download the Huge Explosions mod now for GTA 4

#15 Lamborghini LP570-4 Super Trofeo

Best GTA 4 Mod
Image Credits: NatT96Report

If you are looking for a super car in GTA IV, this mod adds the Lamborghini LP570-4 Super Trofeo to GTA 4 from Need for Speed Rivals. So go ahead and get your hands on the car of your dreams in GTA 4. To make it work, you will need the Open IV program.

Open the “Open IV” program, find and open “vehicles.img”, and replace the “turismo.wtd” and “turismo.wft” that come in this package.

Download the Lamborghini LP570-4 Super Trofeo mod now for GTA 4

#14 DXVK (stutter and performance fix)

Best GTA IV Mod
Image Credits: DIRECREEP

Are you sick of all the optimization problems in GTA 4? If so, this is probably the best mod to fix those issues in GTA 4. It will make the game more stable and you won’t have to deal with any optimization issues anymore.

When you first play the game after installing this mod, you may notice some stutters. But don’t worry. It’s only because the Vulkan cache is being written. It will be over soon.

Download the DXVK (stutter and performance fix) mod now for GTA 4

#13 Nikos New Face

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: SomethingFunnie

This mod adds a new face model and a head model for Niko in GTA IV. This new model features adjusted ears, less sharper cheek bones, a slightly wider jaw, and a slimmer nose without any bumps at the end. These models have been scratch-made for the vanilla face texture of Niko. So get your hands on this mod if you want a different look for Niko.

Download Nikos New Face mod now for GTA 4

#12 Real Place Names for GTA IV

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: CarrotFerret

The Real Place Names mod basically replaces the game’s text files to rename every single street and district. The new names will be based off of real places in the New York City. How cool right? Especially for someone who is familiar with the map of New York City, this mod is a real deal.

So if you are looking for a quick vacation to NYC, get your hands on this mod now! Liberty City has now been renamed to New York City. Columbus Avenue will now be the 8th Avenue. Burlesque will now be Broadway. And Hove Beach will now be Brighton Beach. Every single street has been renamed to integrate the real-world NYC into Liberty City.

However, there are still some discrepancies that aren’t fixable. For instance, some areas that are too far apart in real life are right next to each other in the game. So don’t assume that everything is absolutely accurate. But it’s as accurate as it can get.

To install the mod, drop the file into your GTA 4 folder and combine it with the existing common file.

Download the Real Place Names for GTA IV mod now for GTA 4

#11 Slow Motion Script

Do you ever feel like the game is moving too fast and you would like things to slow down for a while? Well, this mod does exactly that by slowing the game down by simply pressing a button. It is a basic script mod that will slow the game down upon pressing the Home key. To speed the game back up, press the Home key again.

This mod requires GTA IV patch and Net Script Hook to work.

Download the Slow Motion Script mod now for GTA 4

#10 iCEnhancer 3.0 Natural

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: OfficialDayL

This visual mod for GTA 4 breathes life into the game by making it more vibrant, less dark, and more natural. It is a custom preset that makes al lot of visual improvements and adds various options to make these changes.

Here are some of the coolest features of this mod:

  • Better blood textures
  • Better vehicle textures
  • Reshade preset
  • Map improvements with new assets/props for more depth and detail
  • Better prop models for busstops and street/park lights
  • Options for graphics quality
  • and so much more!

So if you are looking for a great visual upgrade for GTA 4, get your hands on this mod now!

Download the iCEnhancer 3.0 Natural mod now for GTA 4

#9 Robbery

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: Callum5042

The Robbery mod allows you to rob all the pedestrians in Liberty City without having to kill them. You can rob them and only get 1 star if there is any police in the range. Wondering how it works? Simple! Just press “M” when targeting a pedestrian to rob them.

Since this is a script mod, you will need to copy the “Robbery.net.dll” file to the scripts folder. The mod requires ScriptHook to work.

Download the Robbery mod now for GTA 4

#8 Cinematic IVisuals

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: Vonum

This is a visual mod for GTA that basically reshades all the visuals to make them appear more realistic and interesting. It is a reshade preset that enhances all the in-game graphics by adding:

  • A Bloom effect.
  • A Cinematic Depth of Field effect.
  • New graphics to make the game appear more natural.
  • Improved game reflection surfaces.
  • Anti-aliasing to make the edges of objects more smooth.

The Original Edition of the mod also comes with a lite version for users who have weak PCs. To make the most of this mod, use it with Motor Natural TC or RealityIV 2.0.

Download the Cinematic IVisuals mod now for GTA 4

#7 100 Percent Savegame

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: GAMERAlex

Are you looking for a way to create a 100% save game file for GTA IV? If so, this mod does exactly that! As you can tell from its name, this mod allows you to save 100% in-game progress in GTA IV. You can also change the slot of the savegame file by renaming it.

For instance, you can rename a file to SGTA02 to fill the 2nd. There can be a maximum of 12 slots. Also make sure to create a backup of the savegame folders location in (XP): C:Documents and SettingsUSERLocal/Settings/Application/Data/Rockstar Games/GTA IV.

Download the 100 percent Savegame mod now for GTA 4

#6 GTA 4 Sound Overhaul V1

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: Troph1hunter

The GTA 4 Sound Overhaul mod overhauls all the sounds in the game, including sounds for explosions, weapons, water, helicopters, and other things. It adds 5 all new sound files to make the in-game sounds more realistic.

So if you are looking for a way to change the in-game sounds and make them sound more life-like, get your hands on this mod today! After downloading, put the downloaded file in the pc/audio/Sfx folder.

Download the GTA 4 Sound Overhaul V1 mod now for GTA 4

#5 Better Car Handling

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: roy200013

As you can guess from its name, the Better Car Handling mod makes your cars less slidey or slippery. It reduces their slipperiness on the road so you can drive them smoothly and handle them in a better way.

So go ahead and download this mod now from below to avoid hundreds of in-game crashes that appear because of this slipperiness. Put the mod file in the GTA IV/Common/Data/Fragments folder to make it work.

Download the Better Car Handling mod now for GTA 4

#4 Liberty City Customs (Autobody Shop Mod)

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: NatT96Report

As you can tell from its name, the Liberty City Customs mod allows you to customize your cars in GTA IV easily. If you have always wanted for a way to customize your vehicles in the game, this mod will do the trick.

Inspired from the car customization features in GTA V and GTA San Andreas, this mod is an internal mod that replaces some internal files. So go ahead and pimp your ride with the best auto customization mod for GTA IV.

Download the Liberty City Customs mod now for GTA 4

#3 OpenIV

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: MasterGamer1998

The OpenIV mod is actually a program that allows you to add all GTA IV modifications files into the game files easily. It does so by modifying the game’s archives to implement these mod files to use in the game. It’s a pretty handy tool that makes using mods easier.

Note: Use xliveless in case the game crashes when loading a save game. Or, get a stock version of the mod files that cause the crash. Simple!

Download the OpenIV mod now for GTA 4

#2 Grand Theft Auto 4 4K2K Allagga Graphics Mod 1.0

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: okanto

This mod enhances all the in-game textures, including textures for characters and buildings. The resolution of the in-game characters and buildings has been increased. Moreover, the mod author has also replaced some of the vanilla textures with more improved effects and characters.

So if you are looking for a great graphics mod for GTA 4, this is the best one you can find.

Download the Grand Theft Auto 4 4K2K Allagga Graphics mod now for GTA 4

#1 Liberty’s Legacy Trainer

Best GTA 4 Mods
Image Credits: kostas96b

Liberty’s Legacy is one of the most popular GTA IV trainers that works for both the downgraded version of the game as well as the Complete Edition. It comes with support for 60% keyboards and controllers. What sets this trainer apart from the rest is that it features some really cool UI elements to elevate the user’s experience.

Many trainers don’t come with user-friendly UI, which takes a toll on their experience. This one aims to change that so that you can have a smooth experience. It is regularly updated to work with both the versions of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Download the Liberty’s Legacy Trainer mod now for GTA 4

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So that’s all, folks! This list sums up the best GTA 4 mods of all time. If you have already finished the game a couple times and are looking for a way to freshen up your experience, get these mods for a better gameplay. From new game’s graphics, sounds, and visuals to better in-game mechanics, cars, and more, these mods offer all of this and more. So go ahead and try them out to enjoy a better playthrough in your favorite game.

Happy gaming!