Top 15 Best Greedfall Mods in 2021


Top 15 Best Greedfall Mods in 2021

GreedFall is one of the better RPGs I’ve played and the mods are all great in all regards. Honestly, I think the modding community for GreedFall are driven by their love for the game.

Welcome to TheBestMods, where we list all the best mods on the internet. Today, we’re gonna take a look at some of the best GreedFall mods. Let’s go.

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#15 NPC Complexion Tweaks and Eye Retexture

Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - NPC Complexion Tweaks and Eye Retexture
Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - NPC Complexion Tweaks and Eye Retexture

Made by: soriyumi

Eyes are the most overlooked features in most games. Some RPGs don’t even pay attention to the characters’ eyes, since most of them are wearing a helmet or some type of head gear in which the eyes are no longer noticeable.

This mod aims to bring a more realistic and gorgeous NPC eyes by retexturing and remodeling the base version, with a more detailed and outlined eyes.

Download here

14 Minimalist HUD Mod

Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - Minimalist HUD

Made by: SEED3733

You can now play the game with less cluttering UIs and indicators on your screen by using this mod. Minimalist HUD is a mod that cleans up all the existing UI and compresses in one direction, the map.

Download here

#13 Better Legendary Items Mod

Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - Better Legendary Items

Made by: bunchaps

This mod changes the way legendary items are seen. With this mod, you can make every legendary item even more legendary. You could say that this mod is a legendary squared mod.

Download here

#12 Romance Enhancer Mod

Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - Romance Enhancer

Made by: Dheuster

We can all agree that the romance part in GreedFall is short and sweet, and pretty terrible, they should get rid of it immediately. But don’t worry, this mod fixes some of the most irrirating parts of the romancing mechanic.

Download here

#11 Better Compass Mod

Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - Better Compass

Made by: Matt2014

A pretty decent mod that increases the discovery range and the in-game compass’ overall design and mechanics. You can now see doors from an even longer distance.

Download here

#10 Difficulty Enhanced with True Bosses Mod

Made by: Skaim

This mod balances the difficulty of the mod with added features to its original AI’s coverage. It enhances the bosses’ movesets as well as their tactical behaviour so it won’t be forgiving, but isn’t gonna be impossible to beat.

Download here

#9 More Talents on Capes Mod

Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - More Talents On Capes

Made by: tyler049

Most of the capes in the game are amazing. They offer a lot of bonuses, including talents. But with this mod, you’ll get an extra talent on all your capes, which is still in line with the game’s lore.

Download here

#8 Legendary Companion and High King Rewards

Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - Legendary Companion And High King Rewards

Made by: PygmyJess

A balancing mod where the legendary items are ONLY rewarded from every main storyline quests, which makes the game a little bit more grindy and difficult, but not impossible to finish. As the author mentioned, rewarding the legendary items early on is like cheesing the entire game.

Download here

#7 Real ReShade Mod

Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - Real ReShade
Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - Real ReShade

Made by: A100N

Real ReShade is a reshading mod that makes adds new graphical changes into the game. It balances the natural colors and blends them exactly to the natural shade of the game with the mod installed.

Download here

#6 Absolutely Cheap Equipment Mod

Made by: aestetikz2

Who the hell wants to pay for a pricey equipment that you’ll replace with a better yet free item later on, right? This mod puts a heavy toll on store owners and makes every items that you can purchase a lot cheaper than the base version.

Like, seriously. Everything costs 1 gold now.

Download here

#5 Remove Brown Filter Mod

Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - Remove Brown Filter

Made by: Sneezes

A simple filter mod that removes all brown residue and filter gradient in the game, allowing it to have a natural color scheme, compared to the dusty vanilla look.

Download here

#4 Camera Overhaul Mod

Made by: Shawnikaros

There are a lot of camera fixes that comes with this mod. You can remove the camera bob, shake, and auto center. What’s more, you can also change the field of view, as well as increase your field of vision by 50% more.

Download here

#3 Increase Part Size Mod

Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - increase party size

Made by: TPadvance

There are 5 possible companions in the game and you’re only allowed to have two? That sucks. But don’t worry, this mod makes it possible for you to have the maximum amount of companions who’ll follow you everywhere you go.

Download here

#2 Sheathe Mod

Top 15 Best Greedfall mods - Sheathe

Made by: ToCheckOn

Literally makes any weapon visibly sheathed. It looks gorgeous on most parts of the game and it adds flavour to the characters.

Download here

#1 More Carry Weight Mod

Made by: Rufus696

I get it. For some sort of realism, the carry weight isn’t over 300 units because it’s “realistic” in its approach. But with More Carry Weight, you can carry a lot more, not just your team. Increase your max weight capacity up to 5000 units without any penalties.

Download here