Top 15 Wasteland 2 Best Mods to Install in 2021


For a game such as Wasteland 2, mods are pretty neat to have and one of the things you need if you want a full gaming experience. I’m not saying that it’s a lost cause without one, but it’s definitely a welcome addition.

Here are our best picks for the best Wasteland 2 mods that you need to have in 2021.

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#15 Wasteland 2 Graphics Mod: Graphic Mod

Wasteland 2 Best Mods - Graphic Mod (SweetFx)

Created by: vito740

This mod introduces a simple graphics update for Wasteland 2. It’s a sweet spot between the game’s native design and what the game should look like in the first place.

Download here

14 Wasteland 2 Weapon Mods: Weapons Overhaul Mod

Created by: Dreamtourist

This mod completely balances most of the weapons mechanics in the game. There are a lot of changes with energy weapons, reduced AP consumption for both handguns and sharp, blade weapons. There is also damage rebalance with heavy weapons, assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles.

Download here

#13 Director’s Cut Weapons Mod (DC mods)

Created by: Z Mir

One of the more stable DC mod for Wasteland 2. This weapons mod changes a lot of things in the weapons system in the game. Compared to the original version, this weapons mod for the Director’s Cut is a lot more refined.

Download here

#12 Max Weight and Running Speed Mod

Created by: wim95

This mod increases the allowable max weight and running speed without any penalties and drawbacks. This means that when you’re using this mod, you’ll have to think less about carrying too much or being too slow.

Download here

#11 No Level Cap Mod

Created by: Generic author

This mod increases the level cap and allows various tweaks and changes in the game. For example, you’ll be able to have faster skill animations, increased based weight, faster-running speed, and so much more.

Download here

#10 New Better Markers Cursors and More Mod

Wasteland 2 Best Mods - NEW Better MARKERS Cursors And More

Created by: vito740

This mod is a collection of better cursos for the game that doesn’t hurt the general GUI and your eyes. Customized for innovation and intuitive controls.

Download here

#9 Chance of Random Encounters Mod

Created by: wim95

This mod allows you to increase/decrease the chance of random encounters in the game. Cheese your way through the lowering the spawn count of enemies and increasing your loot, or do the opposite.

Download here

#8 Cheat Menu Mod

Wasteland 2 Best Mods - Cheat Menu

Created by: CrowneDJokeR

A cheat menu mod with a lot of features in the game. With this mod, you can set bonus effects for your party, give yourself some infinite ammo, AP, and HP. You can also teleport from whatever point on the map.

Download here

#7 New Game Plus Mod

Wasteland 2 Best Mods - New Game Plus

Created by: Mwitwa

You can now start the game at the very beginning without going through the unskippable and tedious parts of the game.

Download here

#6 Wasteland 2 DC Ranged Weapons Mod

Wasteland 2 Best Mods - Wasteland 2 DC Ranged Weapons Mod

Created by: ss7877

An incredible Wasteland 2 DC mod, it balances every aspect of the heavy and the ranged weapons, including the shotties and submachine guns. With this mod, any weapon can be an effective primary weapon, carrying you from early up until the late game.

Download here

#5 Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut Save Editor

Created by: LombaxGuy

A simple mod for the Director’s Cut which allows you to modify and edit your game saves, but it only works for the vanilla version of the game.

Download here

#4 Weapon and Perk Rebalance Mod

Wasteland 2 Best Mods - Weapon And Perk Rebalance

Created by: Phoynix

A weapon balancing mod for Wasteland 2 and it’s pretty damn good. Not only does it balance the Director’s Cut version weapons, but it also makes it possible for other weapons to be given the spotlight in the game. There are pros and cons for each weapon and one good weapon doesn’t always mean it’ll be useful for all situations.

This weapon mod also allows all weapons to be viable, but not every time. There are also perk changes, which goes hand-in-hand with the mod.

Download here

#3 Little Tweaks Mod

Wasteland 2 Best Mods - Little Tweaks

Created by: IamNotYourFriend

One of the best gameplay overhaul mods that provides a lot of tweaks in the game, even though the name says otherwise.

It includes various attribute changes (strength, speed, int, luck), skill bonuses, perks, equipments, and many more!

Little tweaks is a mod that provide deep changes for attributes, skills, perks, equipment, followers and enemies.

Download here

#2 Wasteland DC 2 Patch Work Mods Collection

Wasteland 2 Best Mods - Wasteland DC 2 Patch Work Mods Collection

Created by: bman654 Staehrminator

A series of mods compiled into a single mod, paired with a lot of bonus features added to the game, such as the two available camera mods. There will be mod support in the future, so stay tuned.

Download here

#1 Portraits Collection Mod

Wasteland 2 Best Mods - Portraits Collection

Created by: jackburns

A personalized portrait collection made with love and they’re absolutely gorgeous. This portrait collection mod for Wasteland 2 is a pretty damn good one to have.

Download here