Top 15 Best H3VR Mods of All Time


Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (H3VR) is an upcoming virtual reality sandbox game available for early access on Steam. Today, we will take a look at some of the best H3VR mods so you can enhance your early access game experience without having to anticipate much for the final release.

H3VR Mods — Meats ModulShotguns
Image Credits: Meat_banono

Released by Rust Ltd for early access in 2016, Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (H3VR) is a Virtual Reality (VR) sandbox game that involves a lot of guns, grenades, and other weapons. While not every early access game is worth it, H3VR is a perfect early access game that involves many mini-games, game modes, and evolving physical object systems.

This best part about this first-person shooter game is its VR capabilities, which offer an incredibly immersive experience, especially since VR is developing so fast. This is one of the reasons why this PC game has overwhelmingly positive ratings on Steam. In fact, the community of this game is highly active and has already released hundreds of H3VR mods to accompany the game.

Let’s take a look at some of the best H3VR mods to have been released till date.

Top 15 Best H3VR Mods of All Time [Ranked]

#15 Potatoes Ammunition

Best H3VR Mods
Image Credits: Potatoes

Potatoes’ Ammunition is a mod for H3VR which is a part of Potatoes’ Compiled Custom Guns pack. This mod adds 9 different calibres. These 9 ew calibres include:

  • 7.5mm Swiss
  • GP90
  • 11x58mmR
  • 8mm Roth Steyr
  • 2.7mm Kolibri
  • .32 French Long
  • .55 Boys
  • .45 Mars Long

So if you are looking for a weapons mod that adds more ammunition to H3VR, get your hands on this mod now.

Download the Potatoes Ammunition mod now for H3VR

#14 WurstMod

Best H3VR Mods
Image Credits: nrgill28

Contrary to its name, the WurstMod is actually one of the best frameworks for H3VR that allows custom level loading. This tool is a custom level loader for H3VR with a really easy-to-use API that allows you to create custom game modes and levels. So if you are looking for a handy tool for H3VR, this is your cue to download the WurstMod now!

Download the WurstMod now for H3VR

#13 Meats ModulSIG

Meats ModulSIG
Image Credits: Meat_banono

This mod adds completely modular versions of the SIG MCX and MPX to H3VR. The MPX SMG in this mod comes with various magazine capacities, ranging from 20 to 50. You can also try different attachments and experiment with them to find your pick.

The MCX Assault Rifle added by this mod also comes with two calibres, three color options, and two essential form factors, including the Rattler and Virtus. Mix and match the configurations in this weapon to customize it according to your needs.

Happy experimenting!

Download the Meats ModulSIG mod now for H3VR

#12 PMCPete

Image Credits: devyndamonster

The PMCPete mod adds an all new character to H3VR from Escape from Tarkov. You will be starting the game as a hatcher runner and defeating increasingly challenging enemies. Take them out to get the equipment and items they drop.

You will also get a chance to defeat scav bosses and kill them to various kinds of items from them. However, beware of these bosses as they are quite difficult to defeat and have a chance of spawning as a patrol each round.

In order for this mod to work, you will need the TNH Tweaker.

Download the PMCPete mod now for H3VR

#11 Hotel Hotlink

H3VR Hotel Hotlink
Image Credits: sirpotatos

This mod adds a TNH map from a luxury hotel in the downtown. Hotel Hotlink has 9 holds. Once a retreat for vacationers, this location has now been occupied by evil merc-weiners. The game will start from a police precinct, where you will need to get all the arms and ammunition you can and move out to take out the threat. You can select your spawn location by getting into any vehicle and pressing the red button in it.

The mod comes with really unique features, such as breakable glass upon shooting or melee attacks, rappeling, realistic material properties, and more. Although it is mostly a CQB, there are many opportunities for engagements.

Download the Hotel Hotlink mod now for H3VR

#10 CodZombies

H3VR CodZombies
Image Credits: Kodeman

Have you ever wished there was a zombie apocalypse you could fight in H3VR? If so, your prayers have been answered! As you can tell from its name, this mod adds a custom game mode to H3VR, inspired by Call of Duty Zombies. It is a full game mode where you will be in a zombie survival war.

Here are all the features added by this mod:

  • Custom or Zosigs enemies
  • Power ups
  • Mystery Box
  • Perks
  • Wave system
  • Purchasable Weapons
  • Rayguns
  • Limited ammo mode
  • Barricading windows
  • Pack A Punch

You can change the in-game settings and buy stuff by pulling the levers. This is a unique mod with new features, such as the teleporter. However, you should always spawn lock ammunition.

Download the CodZombies mod now for H3VR

#9 Compound Crossbow

H3VR Compound Crossbow
Image Credits: cityrobo

Are you a fan of DC’s Arrow? If so, this is the perfect mod for you. As you can tell from its name, this mod adds a supercool Crossbow to H3VR, for the first time ever! This crossbow comes with a Quiver where you can keep your arrows. Now you will have a unique weapon to take out your enemies in an old school style!

The mod requires devyndamonster-OtherLoader and cityrobo-OpenScripts to work.

Download the Compound Crossbow mod now for H3VR

#8 Meats ModulAR

H3BR Meats ModulAR
Image Credits: Meat_banono

This is yet another H3VR weapon mod that lets you build a customized automatic rifle according to your needs. The mod offers hundreds of attachments and dozens of receivers for you to mix and match. The Automatic Rifle will be prebuilt by default. You just need to pick a receiver and spawn a custom weapon which is ready to blast away.

However, if you are someone who prefers to smith your weapon from the base version, you can find the stripped lower receiver next to the prebuilt weapon.

Download the Meats ModulAR mod now for H3VR

#7 FN F2000

H3VR FN F2000
Image Credits: edisleado

This mod adds the widely loved FN F2000 to H3VR. This weapon comes with all new unique attachments, an inspectable chamber, scopes, scope covers, foregrips, a front sight, a custom top rail, and camos for you to customize your weapon. There are dozens of possibilities to tailor your favorite weapon according to your needs.

Here are all the features of this mod:

  • Shell ejection door
  • Inspection cover
  • Charging handle
  • Back-up rear iron sights

Download the FN F2000 mod now for H3VR

#6 Meats ModulShotguns

H3VR Meats ModulShotguns
Image Credits: Meat_banono

Another weapon builder mod, the Meats ModulShotguns mod allows you to custom build a Shotgun in H3VR. Below are all the different type of models of Shotgun you can make with this mod:

  • ModulAuto-5
  • ModulIthaca
  • Modul870
  • ModulMP155
  • ModulMP133
  • ModulMP153

You can also detach the stocks, pumps, barrels, and mag tubes easily. Check how by clicking on the mod link below. So blast away with your favorite version of the Shotgun!

Download the Meats ModulShotguns mod now for H3VR

#5 Wurst Manor

Image Credits: tgrosh

This is yet another map mod for H3VR that adds the Wurst Manor in the game for you to explore. Wurst Manor is the ancestral home of the Hot Dogs. Explore this beauty while you take out the Sosigs in five new meaty Hold Points that have been distributed across the manor. In order to make the most of this mod, pick Zeke Zombiehunter.

Download the Wurst Manor mod now for H3VR

#4 Meats ModulAK

H3VR Meats ModulAK
Image Credits: Meat_banono

This mod allows you to build a custom AK tailored to your needs in H3VR. This mod comes with an overhauled category system, a reworked safety selector, and a new prebuilt system. It lets you build the AK of your dreams by choosing from 16 new receivers and hundreds of new and improved attachments.

So if you are looking for a way to customize your AK, this is your cue to download the mod from below!

Download the Meats ModulAK mod now for H3VR

#3 Monolith 2

Image Credits: JoshMate

Monolith 2 is a sequel to the popular Monolith T&H map that adds 4 supply rooms and 15 all new balanced and unique hold points. It is an incredibly simplified map layout that keeps you from getting lost between different points.

The new map is set in the outdoors so that it doesn’t feel claustrophobic and there is enough daylight everywhere. Evidently, this map has really great visuals and awesome performance, thanks to the use of mesh-combining scripts and simple visuals.

Monolith 2 also allows ricochets and bullet penetration. The white floors and black walls are the only surfaces that cannot be penetrated. But you can use large calibre rounds to penetrate the bright colored walls and small calibre rounds to penetrate the greyish-blue covers.

Download the Monolith mod now for H3VR

#2 Pride Flags Plus

H3VR Pride Flags Plus
Image Credits: Faeriedae

The Pride Flags Plus mod adds various pride flag attachments to H3VR so that all the Sosigs can have multiple pride colors to represent themselves with. This mod requires the OtherLoader mod to function. All you need to do is to extract Pride Flags Plus mod file into the Deli mods folder and you will have some really cool pride flag attachments to use. Easy!

Download the Pride Flags Plus mod now for H3VR

#1 Island Compound

Image Credits: Devyndamonster

The Island Compound mod gives you the perfect opportunity to get into a fight with hotdogs at a top secret and hidden island compound. This island compound has 19 supply points and 16 hold points. It is an ideal mod if you are looking for a new location to engage in a fight with hotdogs. It also works with the WurstMod and is still a work in progress as the mod creator is currently working on some unfinished areas.

Download the Island Compound mod now for H3VR

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So that’s all, folks! This mod list sums up the absolute best H3VR mods released till date. Go ahead and download these mods using any mod installer to enhance your early access gameplay by 100x. Make sure you have the latest release of the early access game in order to install these mods.

Happy gaming!