Is There a Kenshi Multiplayer Mod in 2021?


Here’s everything you need to know about the Kenshi multiplayer mod and whether such a mod exists in 2021.

By Yamna

Kenshi multiplayer mod

Credits: Lo-Fi Games

Kenshi is one of the best and most underrated role-playing games out there. It takes place in a post-post-apocalyptic world and allows you to experience various playthroughs by playing as a trader, a thief, a slave, and many other character options. Hundreds of hours in and you will still love to explore the rest of the game.

What’s more, Kenshi’s modding community is truly the best of all. You can enjoy a low-end stylle game with some amazing mods and make the most of it. However, there is one thing that players wish they had, a Kenshi multiplayer mod to make their experience 10x better by tagging a friend along. 

Unfortunately, though, Lo-Fi Games created it to be a single player game only. The developer custom-built the engine and opted for a modulus that only allowed single player playthrough. So there is no way you can play this game in multiplayer mode.

Is There a Kenshi Multiplayer Mod?

No. There is no multiplayer mod available for players to download in Kenshi. It is not possible to develop a multiplayer mod for this game as the core engine of the game only allows single player. It has no option to add the multiplayer feature in the game. The modules used by the developer to create the game engine do not have the core coding required to add this feature.

But this may leave you wondering how other games with similar engines made it possible to develop multiplayer mods. Well, that’s because such engines already had the capacity of a multiplayer feature in them from the start. Whereas the developers of Kenshi did not add that functionality at all. 

So the chances of multiplayer being added to the game are basically zero. There is no way any developer can create a mod for it unless they are willing to rewrite every bit of code in the game. The scope of this would be immense. That’s the reason why no one has dared to develop a multiplayer mod for Kenshi. 

Can Lo-Fi Games Add Multiplayer Mode in Kenshi?

They can but it would take them years to scrape the entire game and start over from scratch. Because the developers would need to rewrite every bit of code all over again, which will take years. So it’s highly unlikely that Lo-Fi Games would add multiplayer mode in Kenshi.

Will There be a Multiplayer Mode in Kenshi 2?

Kenshi 2 is the prequel to Kenshi and is set over 1,000 prior to Kenshi. The game is still under development and has no release date as of yet. But as far as the multiplayer mode is concerned, Kenshi 2 may also not have this feature as the game will most likely be built on the same engine as Kenshi.


So sorry to disappoint you folks! But unfortunately, there is no multiplayer mod as of yet to shake off your lonely playthroughs in Kenshi. But maybe this Fallout 4 multiplayer mod could heal your wounds!