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Minecraft Chickens mod

Chickens in Minecraft are a passive mob that drop feathers, raw chicken, cooked chicken and eggs. They can easily be found on Grass Blocks and can be bred using any kind of seeds. But all of that gets monotonous and boring after a few games. 

Do you ever wish chickens could do more? I mean, I know the poor souls already give us their eggs, meat and even life but imagine if they were magical. Imagine chickens laying snowballs, gunpowder, bone meal and stuff like that? Well, your imaginations just became reality! 

Minecraft Chickens mod by setycz lets you do all of that and more! Read on to find out all about this mod. Meanwhile, check this mod overview video to better understand how it works.

Credits: NPC For Sale

Minecraft Chickens Mod Features

Minecraft Chickens mod comes with the following additions to the game:

  • It allows you to breed chickens in order to increase their stats. You can increase their growth rate, gain and strength for better production.
  • This mod lets you inspect chickens with a chicken analyzer to check their stats and see additional information about them.
  • You can dye chickens in various colors by combining a dye with an ordinary egg and whatever you get your hands on to get a unique breed of chicken. There is a cactus green chicken, a rose red chicken, a bone meal chicken, a lapis lazuli chicken, a gray chicken, a pink chicken and more!
  • Tier 1 chickens now spawn naturally in the world. These include the Flint Chicken, Snowball Chicken, Nether Quartz Chicken, Lava Chicken and Gunpowder Chicken.
  • You can now crossbreed chickens to get higher tier chicken. These include the Diamond Chicken, the Ghast Tear Chicken and more.
  • There is a hen house which will collect chicken products in a 9×9 area when you provide it with hay bales. Moreover, as a side-effect, the henhouse will also produce dirt.
  • There are now smart chickens. Just hand over a book to the vanilla chicken and it will be qualified enough to figure out how to use the hen house.
  • There is an advanced laying and breeding system.
  • There are now water and lava eggs – your very own stackable and renewable source of liquid.
  • The mod can be customized in many ways. For instance, you can change the items, laying rates, modify breeding and more.
  • The chickens in this mod are less noisy now.

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Make the Most of the Minecraft Chickens Mod!

Wanna learn how you can make the most of this Chickens mod? Play it with More Chickens and Hatchery to maximize its benefits. 

Install the Chickens Mod Now

Here’s how you can install Minecraft Chickens mod:

  • Download and install the Forge mod installer.
  • Download Chickens mod.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded mod file in the /mods folder. Folder path: C:\Users\\[username]\AppData\Roaming\\.minecraft\mods

You’re all set to play the new mod in Minecraft.

Final Thoughts

The Chickens mod will do wonders to the vanilla chickens in Minecraft. This mod massively improves their functionality and offers ways to diversify the chickens in the game. 

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