The Best Oblivion Multiplayer Mod that Still Works in 2021


Are you looking for an Oblivion multiplayer mod that actually still works in 2021? Read on to find out all about it! 

By Yamna

Oblivion multiplayer mod
Credits: MelkiahMonkey

Released in 2006, Oblivion is an open-world role playing game that allows you to enjoy RPG games in a whole new way. You can embark on some crazy adventures and truly immerse into a unique world that offers a whole new outlook. The best part about Oblivion is that the game has all the missions spread at an even pace so you won’t have to feel any pressure.

The modding community of Oblivion has rolled out some of the best mods to improve the gameplay, graphics, and missions. There is also a multiplayer mod that allows you to tag along your friends while you are out exploring the world of Cyrodiil. 

Co-op Oblivion – An Oblivion Multiplayer Mod

Co-op Oblivion is a multiplayer mod developed for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that allows two players to play the game as two separate characters, just like Baldur’s Gate I and II. This mod requires OBSE 20 or higher to run successfully. Wondering how it works? Well, both the players will have to share the same screen and PC to play multiplayer. 

Both the players can jump, use Marksman, Blunt, and Blade attacks by holding the attack button, converse with NPCs, loot the dead bodies, pick the locks of doors and containers, cast Target, Touch, and Self spells, open doors, and access the inventory, stats, and spell screens individually. 

They can also set and use shortcuts keys (6 for player 1 and 4 for player 2), duck and sneak, hand items and gold to each other directly, and sell and buy items and other stuff from the shops individually. 

How to Start and Stop the Co-op Mode in Oblivion Multiplayer Mod

Once you load the mod and start the game, the recruit and start spells will have been added already. To start, just cast the Recruit Player 2 spell on any NPC and make them your player 2. You can convert any friendly NPC into your player 2. If you don’t like the NPC and want to unrecruit them, cast the spell again on that NPC. Next, cast the Start Co-op mode spell in any clear area. 

To exit the co-op mode and play solo, press the Backspace button anytime. The Player 2’s NPC will start following you (player 1) as a normal NPC. 

Co-op Oblivion Mod Controls

In order to enable the player 2 controls, just plug a second USB keyboard to your PC or laptop and the player 2 will be able to use that second keyboard to play. The mod comes with two default PC and laptop layouts and also allows you to customize the  controls.

Important to Note

  • The camera in this mod is designed to focus on a point between both the players. It will be jerky if the player is in third person POV. So you will need to change it to first person to stabilize it. You can swing the camera around by moving your cursor left and right.
  • Remember that both the players in the co-op mode cannot be killed. They can only be knocked unconscious. But if both of them are knocked unconscious together, then they will both die. 

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So that’s all about the Oblivion multiplayer mod. Go ahead and try it out to enable multiplayer mode. You can now explore the world of Cyrodiil with your friends!