Top 20 Best The Outer Worlds Mods You NEED!


The Outer Worlds, one of Bethesda’s recent releases, for me, is a solid 7.5/10 at best. It’s really genre-defining like their previous releases, but it’s an okayish RPG that’s set in, well, the outer worlds. It’s just like sci-fi Skyrim, to be honest. Anyway, this post is the best compilation of The Outer Worlds mods you’ll definitely need to install for a better overall gaming experience. 

Image Credits: diasyxa

Released by Obsidian Entertainment in 2019, The Outer Worlds is one of the most interesting games with a Steam rating of 9 out of 10. This action role-playing game sets you in a space colony where you get to explore your surroundings and make choices as the main character to determine how the story will unfold.

The Outer Worlds has one of the most active communities of players and modders who keep the game alive by releasing immersive mods, upgrades, and so much more content. Today, we will discover some of the best The Outer Worlds mods released till date.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

List of 20 Best The Outer Worlds Mods of All Time [Ranked]

#20 Obsidian_ReShade

The Outer Worlds Mods
Image Credits: Jb0238177

The Obsidian Reshade mod is a preset mod that adds a more realistic color palette to The Outer Worlds. It brings everything to life by adding HDR, sharpness, and better colors. Instead of reshading the game with a more neutral color, the mod makes everything more sharp and bright.

There are two versions of this mod. The ideal settings for the in-game graphics settings are “Ultra” for the first version. While the version 2 preset should have the default gamma setting at 72% for the best results. Enjoy a new level of depth in your favorite game!

This is an .ini file and you will need the latest version of ReShade for this mod to work.

Download the Obsidian Reshade mod now for The Outer Worlds

#19 WOW Maximum Performance Boosts

The Outer Worlds Mods
Image Credits: sp0ckrates

Gameversion: 2.3

If you are looking for the best mod for performance, you need to try the WOW Maximum Performance Boosts mod now! This mod replaces the Engine.ini file in the vanilla game with another one that enhances the game’s performance as suggested by the UE4 website.

As a result, you will be able to run the game even if you have an older computer with less powerful graphics and a slower processor. How cool, right?

Download the WOW Maximum Performance Boosts mod now for The Outer Worlds

#18 Better ADA Portrait – Jenna Upgrade

The Outer Worlds Mods
Image Credits: Sladernimo

We all love ADA, but it seems like Bethesda didn’t. This mod removes the old art and portrait for ADA, giving her proper love and a better look. 

Download the Better ADA Portrait – Jenna Upgrade mod now for The Outer Worlds

#17 Bigger UI

Bigger UI
Image Credits: equalibrius

Hate smaller UIs? Wow, you’re in luck. This mod basically scales the UI to a bigger, fatter version to make sure eyes can at least recognize them. 

Download the Bigger UI mod now for The Outer Worlds

#16 Chromatic Aberration Remover

Chromatic Aberration Remover
Image Credits: Creision

Gameversion: 1.13.2

The Chromatic Aberration option not only slows the game down, drastically decreases the gameplay and adds more unnecessary tasks for your rig. It doesn’t matter if you’re running Linus Tech Tips’ rigs, this mod will help you realize how incredibly ugly that option is. 

Download the Chromatic Aberration Remover mod now for The Outer Worlds

#15 Cleaner Outer Worlds

Cleaner Outer Worlds
Image Credits: gabeavenger

Basicallly, the base game is ugly. This mod refines and enhances the mods textures to make sure that each colors schemes are fully distinguishable from most of the game’s palettes and models. 

Download the Cleaner Outer Worlds mod now for The Outer Worlds

#14 Console Loader ASI

 Console Loader ASI
Image Credits: jfmherokiller

Gameversion: 1.15.2

A simple mod that helps you access the console without going through at least 3 to 4 keys on your keyboard. Time is gold. Efficiency is golden. 

Download the Console Loader ASI mod now for The Outer Worlds

#13 Dev-Console Unlock Guide

Dev-Console Unlock Guide
Image Credits: stoker25

Once you’re done with the first guide and the basics of console commands and the lot, you can have this small tool to help you get an advanced guide for all the game’s hidden items and features, gated behind codes and numbers. 

Download the Dev-Console Unlock Guide mod now for The Outer Worlds

#12 Item ID Codes

Item ID Codes
Image Credits: shplink

Gameversion: 1.15.1

If you can access the Dev-Console or Console Commands, you can use every ID list in this file to spawn or change numerical values in the game. Basically, it’s a list of cheat codes. 

Download the Item ID Codes mod now for The Outer Worlds

#11 Layne’s Reshade

Layne’s Reshade
Image Credits: layne81

A reshade of the game, this mod is basically a better shader compared to game’s base design. Some parts of the game are totally distinguishable and realistically highlighted. 

Download the Layne’s Reshade mod now for The Outer Worlds

#10 Ray Traced Realism

Ray Traced Realism
Image Credits: adamscybpt

We all know what raytracing can do to Minecraft, now imagine using that feature in this game. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore. This mod will solve everything that’s wrong in the game, especially in terms of overall graphical design. The RTX will make the less bright and give it a realistic look that’s even more appealing than the base design. 

Download the Ray Traced Realism mod now for The Outer Worlds

#9 Reshaded Worlds

Reshaded Worlds
Image Credits: XONextGenXO

A shader mod that allows you to have that realistic shader quality in the game whilst maintaining the sci-fi look, getting rid of the bright lights of the game, and giving more emphasis on realistic color scheme and quality of the models, lighting, and environment. 

Download the Reshaded Worlds mod now for The Outer Worlds

#8 Simple Reshade Preset

Simple Reshade Preset
Image Credits: grandfred

Created by: Hullieverson

A simple shader mod that gives decreases the saturation of colors and removes the “brightness” of the game’s initial colors, giving a movie-like texture and color design on the game’s environment. 

Download the Simple Reshade Preset mod now for The Outer Worlds

#7 Spacer’s Choice Reshade

Spacer’s Choice Reshade
Image Credits: EVO_83

Gameversion: 1.16.2

A lighter reshade of the game by tweaking the game’s color mixing and saturation ratio to make a little bit brighter without the blinding colors schemes. 

Download the Spacer’s Choice Reshade mod now for The Outer Worlds

#6 Supernova Patch

Supernova Patch
Image Credits: expired6978

Gameversion: 1.12

A simple mod that allows you to Fast Travel anywhere in the map, save whenever you want to, and force the game to take any kind of desired difficulty, which primarily enhances the gameplay. 

Download the Supernova Patch mod now for The Outer Worlds

#5 Terraformed ReShade

Terraformed ReShade
Image Credits: Vanguard1776

Gameversion: 1.15.2

The most basic thing I can describe this reshade is that it’s one of those Instagram filters that most amateur photographers are using when uploading their photos. This mod gives a rather darker shade to the game’s bright lights design.

Download the Terraformed ReShade mod now for The Outer Worlds

#4 The Outer Souls – Deprived

The Outer Souls – Deprived
Image Credits: Kyim

If you feel like being a masochist, repeatedly being beaten by the game itself, then this mod isn’t for you. Go play Dark Souls–no, but seriously. This mod makes your game a little bit harder, meaning the AIs have more health, hits harder, and will kill you if you don’t kill them as soon as you saw their shadows. 

Download The Outer Souls – Deprived mod now for The Outer Worlds

#3 The Outer Worlds – Default Game Folder Ini’s

The Outer Worlds – Default Game Folder Ini’s
Image Credits: UhuruNUru

Just a collection of INIs or initialization files, if ever that you have an error in parsing or error in the game, which in turn, corrupts the files. 

Download the Default Game Folder Ini’s mod now for The Outer Worlds

#2 The Rocket Mouse Pointer

The Rocket Mouse Pointer
Image Credits: Jussi138

Gameversion: 1.12.1

It turns your basic mouse pointer into one of those cool mouse pointers you’ve downloaded from the internet back in 2007 that eternally plagued your personal computer. 

Download The Rocket Mouse Pointer mod now for The Outer Worlds

#1 The Tweaked Outer Worlds

The Tweaked Outer Worlds
Image Credits: diasyxa

Basically, what this mod does is to enhance everything via UE4, turning your mere game into a Chad space sci-fi Skyrim. Mostly, the modified values are on the graphics. The gameplay stays the same. 

Download The Tweaked Outer Worlds mod now for The Outer Worlds

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So that’s all, folks! This list of Nexus mods sums up some of the best weapons, armor, quest, HDR, essentials, utility, and visual effects mods for The Outer Worlds. Go ahead and get your hands on these 20 amazing The Outer Worlds mods of all time. Trust me, you are missing out!

Happy gaming!