Top 15 Best Ready Or Not Mods to Try This Year


Ready Or Not is a pretty popular PC game that rose to fame soon after its release in 2021. This highly raved-about first-person shooter multiplayer game has managed to create a huge community of gamers and modders who are willing to go the extra mile to enhance your in-game experience with mods. Today, let’s take a look at the best Ready Or Not mods of all time.

Image Credits: khaosmaou

Released in 2021 by Void Interactive, Ready Or Not is a tactical first-person shooter multiplayer video game available for PC. The game takes place amidst the economic and political instability in the United States where you are an elite SWAT commander who has to make tough choices to defuse the unstable situation in the country.

Receiving a rating of 9 out of 10 on Steam, Ready Or Not has quickly become one of the best PC games love by thousands of players. But what makes this game even more special is the fact that it already has so many mods that will enhance your in-game experience.

The modding community of Ready Or Not has released hundreds of mods with unique content to improve the in-game mechanics and offer you a diverse experience. For this article, we have gathered a list of the best mods released till date. So let’s take a look at the best Ready Or Not mods that are worth downloading.

Top 15 Best Ready Or Not Mods That You Are Missing Out on

#15 EFT – URGI M4

Image Credits: Unselles

This is a pretty simple weapon replacer mod that replaces the SR16 in the vanilla game with the URGI M4 from Escape from Tarkov. The URGI M4 is one of the most terrific weapons that is now available in Ready Or Not, along with ORM textures. What’s more, all the attachments of the weapon work perfectly well and there is absolutely no clipping or immersion breaking.

Download the EFT – URGI M4 mod now for Ready or Not

#14 More Ammo

Image Credits: QuantumNuke75

This is a pretty simple ammo mod that adds more slots for ammunition in all weapons. So you can now load more ammo in your favorite weapons and gain an edge over your enemies.

Download the More Ammo mod now for Ready or Not

#13 Breaking News

Image Credits: CCRifles

The Breaking News mod is actually a new and custom map mod that has been built using independent assets. So you are bound to experience a unique gameplay that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. The map involves a small modern office space built in an independent media company.

The story unfolds with an armed group, who are said to have some really extreme politically views, attacking the office space. Although most of the staff has managed to escape, there are still believed to be some hostages inside. You are to enter the space through the service floor and clear the office, while saving the hostages. The ultimate objective is to save lives.

The map is 1.7GB in size and involves real-world issues, random suspect spawns, a challenging layout, and a modern office interior design offering a unique gameplay experience.

Download the Breaking News mod now for Ready or Not

#12 SIG MCX Virtus

Image Credits: MarkHood

This is a SIG MCX Virtus replacer mod that replaces HL416 to add super cool rifle models of the second generation of SIG MCX, also known as MCX Virtus. These new models come in various configurations that you can set as per your preferences. The mod also adds an optional replacer file for the Lancer L5AWM Magazine model.

Download the SIG MCX Virtus mod now for Ready or Not

#11 SWAT 4 Voice Overhaul Mod

Image Credits: s1nk0

As you can tell from its name, this voice overhaul mod replaces all the vanilla early access voice lines with those from the video game SWAT 4. The voice overhaul has been done with 99% accuracy, so you can rest assured that the new voice lines for teammates, players, suspects, and civilians from SWAT 4 have been smoothly integrated into Ready Or Not, without any bugs or errors.

Download the SWAT 4 Voice Overhaul Mod now for Ready or Not

#10 Super-A Club

Image Credits: matthew9324

The Super-A Club mod basically adds a super busy and bustling nightclub to Ready Or Not, which has been attacked by a bunch of terrorists. You are supposed to bring order to the chaos by saving the civilians and managing the suspects.

This super cool, well lit, and fully furnished nightclub is a big 2-storey club that is built underground. The club was attacked by up to 7 terrorists right when Sadistic Feelings, the thoughtfully-named band, was about to play. There are reports of multiple casualties and your tactical team is tasked with defusing the situation.

So are you ready to take on this tough mission and prepared to deal with whatever comes your way? Get your hands on the mod now from below!

Download the Super-A Club mod now for Ready or Not

#9 Innacessible Weapons Unlocked

Image Credits: LewdSCP1471

This mod unlocks all the inaccessible equipment and weapons for you so you can use them without any restrictions. This includes the AK102, P90, MPL, BRN-180, and many more weapons and pieces of equipment. It even works on any of the servers you may join. Only you will need to have the mod installed.

However, to make this all happen, make sure to close the dropdown menus before you close the loadout menu.

Download the Innacessible Weapons Unlocked mod now for Ready or Not

#8 Forest House

Image Credits: TheRareKiwi

The Forest House mod adds an all-new worn house set to Ready Or Not. This house map from the Atmospheric House asset is added in a spruce forest environment with tweaked lighting and exterior environment for Ready or Not.

Here are all the notable mod’s features:

  • Custom doors
  • Randomized spawn locations for AI
  • Environmental audio cues and soundscape
  • Lighting optimizations
  • Clear map with dark interiors

So if you are looking for an all-new map in your favorite game, get your hands on this mod. You can install the mod by extracting both the main download files to the game’s Paks folder.

Download the Forest House mod now for Ready or Not

#7 Real Weapon Names with More Guns and Attachments

Image Credits: ImJacket

This role-playing mod allows you to operate as a trained operator who has high-level forearms skills. The mod also adds more guns and attachments with real names, descriptions, fire rates, and recoil.

Here are all the features of this mod:

  • Gives real-life names and descriptions to all the firearms.
  • Gives a rebalanced coil to all weapons.
  • Adds several standalone weapon models and their attachments.
  • Rebalances the damage output.
  • Adds a new weapon, Glock 17.
  • Increases the default amount of mags to 6.

Download the Real Weapon Names with More Guns and Attachments mod now for Ready or Not

#6 Improved Gameplay

Image Credits: khaosmaou

The Improved Gameplay mod is a lore-friendly realism mod that makes modifications to “AILevelData.ini”. This mod increases your chances of success and prevents you and your teammates from being completely wiped out. It does so by reducing the enemy response times and accuracy. However, it also increase their number and changes in roaming. What’s more, they will also not forget your last location as quickly as they do.

The mod author has tweaked every layer and map so that it is lore-friendly. Moreover, all the trained suspects will now have fast reflexes and fire if you breach the doors. Similarly, it will be more difficult at the farm to take on the group as they will be more trained and equipped with better gear.

Overall, this mod massively improves your gameplay by giving you better chances of success while keeping things balanced.

Download the Improved Gameplay mod now for Ready or Not

#5 Neptune Spear by Scones

Image Credits: sconez

This mod adds an all-new map to Ready Or Not, which is based on the Neptune Spear operation which involved the assassination of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. It also comes with an optional AI tweak that lets you increase the maximum suspects limit, which is 15 for barricade and 30 for raid.

To make the most of it, make sure to start the map after installation in single-player, not in multiplayer.

Download the Neptune Spear by Scones mod now for Ready or Not

#4 In Game Menu

Image Credits: TheRareKiwi

The In Game Menu mod lets you increase the player count, pick gamemode and maps, kick players, and load custom levels. It is basically a debug menu that comes with the following features:

  • Settings Menu
  • Server Browser Menu
  • Level Selector
  • Status/Player Menu
  • Mod Information Menu
  • Mod info support
  • Blueprint loading
  • Increased player lobby limit
  • Blueprint widget integration
  • Custom image support/map info

So if you are looking for an all-new main menu that lets you do much more than the vanilla menu, get your hands on this mod today!

Download the In Game Menu mod now for Ready or Not

#3 Better Enemy Behavior

Image Credits: Carlitox25

The Better Enemy Behavior mod reduces the reflexes and accuracy of enemies so that you can have an edge over them. It enhances the experience during your encounters with your opponents by delaying their shots by a few milliseconds and impairing their aim a little.

The mod also improves the Suspect Accuracy by 0.4 and Suspect Time with Weapon Up Before Firing by 0.5.

Download the Better Enemy Behavior mod now for Ready or Not

#2 Vest Retexture Fix

Image Credits: LewdSCP1471

The goal of this mod is to fix the vest materials in Ready Or Not. The vanilla game has a problem with the vest materials that prevents reskin mods from retexturing the vests. It aims to change that by fixing the vest materials. Reskin mods will now properly be able to retexture the vests for all officers.

By default, all the SWAT will now have tan vests. But reskin mods will now be able to retexture vests for all the characters, not just Prescott.

Download the Vest Retexture Fix mod now for Ready or Not

#1 Everything Unlocked

Image Credits: QuantumNuke75

As you can tell from its pretty self-explanatory name, the Everything Unlocked mod literally unlocks all the vanilla-friendly weapons in Ready Or Not. It is a weapon unlocker mod for both clients and hosts.

However, do note that you will only able to equip the M4A4. But you can fix that by equipping something in each category and then closing the dropdown boxes.

So if you are looking for a way to get your hands on all the in-game weapons without doing a variety of missions, get your hands on this mod now!

Download the Everything Unlocked mod now for Ready or Not

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So that’s all, folks! This list sums up the absolute best Ready Or Not mods to have ever released. These nexus mods add better gameplays, new guns, higher accuracy, and make the most noticeable changes that will go a long way in offering you a realistic gameplay. So go ahead and download this mod list for the most amazing Ready Or Not Gaming experience.

Happy gaming!