Top 15 Best Risk of Rain 2 (ROR2) Mods to Play in 2021


Top 15 Best Risk of Rain 2 (ROR2) Mods in 2021

Risk of Rain 2 (ROR2) is probably the only game that I haven’t tried putting mods on. I mean it’s 2021 already, but I’ve been slacking off at best, sorry. But when I did, it’s pretty fun and actually adds a lot more than they can step on without overdoing everything.

So in this list, I’m gonna go over the Top 15 Best Risk of Rain 2 (ROR2) Mods to play in 2021. I actually tried all of these mods and they’re exceptionally great to have. Let’s go.

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#15 R2modman

Created by: ebkr

This is mod is pretty much one of the three staple mods in ROR2. Basically, it’s a mod manager that supports a lot of games like the Dyson Sphere Program, Valheim, GTFO, Outward, TaleSpire, and many other games.

It features a pretty sleek UI, easier mod installation, profile switch, file export, and many other things that you’ll see once you’ve downloaded this mod.

Download here

14 R2API

Created by: tristanmcpherson

R2API is basically the go-to mod that you need to use other mods to work in, which allows you to get the best results for a more simplified API for the game. This mod is used to allow cross interaction with each mod, without running into some problems like conflicting scripts and the likes.

Download here

#13 BepInExPack

Created by: bbepis

This is the third of the three most important mods if you’re gonna use mods in Risk of Rain 2. Think of the first three entries as tools, rather than mods.

BepInEx is a 2-in-1 tool pack that allows you to use mods, as well as to modify and create new mods from scratch.

Download here

#12 Goku

Created by: kinggrinyov

I am freaking weak, bro. Literally, the dumbest thing to appear on this list, yet it’s funny to see that Goku is such a GOAT that he’ll be modded to be in this game.

Now, you can play as Goku, the true Saiyan god, and pretty much defeat everyone in a 100-meter radius. Nothing beats an old-school shounen protagonist hitting faster than you can see them.

Download here

#11 Enforcer

Created by: EnforcerGang

This mod adds the Enforcer as a playable character. No, it’s not a reskin, it’s actually a new character that you can play, which comes with unique abilities that you can unlock, so long as you can unlock them.

Download here

#10 ItemStatsMod

Created by: ontrigger

A mod that shows you the stackable bonuses from an item in the tooltip. But before you run this mod, make sure that you have the R2API and R2modman installed.

Download here

#9 Sniper

Created by: Rein

This mod adds a new playable character into the game. The character is a sniper-type class. They are mostly used for a stealthy approach and hit-and-run tactics. They aren’t meant to shots and attacks head-on, so their skills are meant for sniping, not assaulting.

Download here

#8 Bandit Reloaded

Created by: Moffein

Another class, this hit-and-run character isn’t the one who draws fire, but the one who shoots it. For a classic bandit, you’re basically like the sniper, but you’re more reliant on your tools, like dynamites, smoke bombs for clearing out, and many more.

Download here

#7 BiggerBazaar

Created by: MagnusMagnuson

It’s the same bazaar accept the fact that it’s loaded with a lot of items to purchase and get. There’s no better way to have this mod either way.

Download here

#6 Vegeta

Created by: kinggrinyov

You have Goku on this list, so why not have Vegeta as well, right? Well, with this mod, you can definitely play the Prince of the Saiyans and basically, just beat up your enemies with your Saiyan powers.

Download here

#5 ShareSuite

Created by: FunkFrog-and-Sipondo

It can be frustrating to have your item taken accidentally or intentionally taken in by someone else. But with this mod, you’ll have more than enough for you and your friend, as this mod aims for players to actually secure their items nice and quick. No more stressing things out, especially if things didn’t work between you and your homies.

Download here

#4 Starstorm2

Created by: TeamMoonstorm

A ported version of the Starstorm for RoR2, featuring very diverse gameplay, tons of replayability through various content mods on the first game, two new survivors, over 20+ new items and equipment, and a pretty damn good event to challenge your game even further.

Download here

#3 Better UI Mod

Created by: XoXFaby

A pretty efficient UI mod that allows you to have more than enough items that are cluttering your screen. For example, item counters, DPS meters, stats displayed on screen, inventory, command and scrapper menu, and many more!

Download here

#2 Skill++ Mod

Created by: CWMlolzlz

This mod changes the way you earn skill points. At base, you have to go through 5 levels to achieve your first skill point, but now, you can cut it down to the 1st and 2nd level, or through 10-15 levels, if you’re a hardcore guy.

Download here

#1 RoRCheats Mod

Created by: Lodington

I don’t need to explain this, do I? It’s basically a trainer, nothing more.

Download here