Fluffy Manager: Everything You Need to Know


Find out all about Fluffy Manager, what it is and how you can use it to efficiently manage your mods.

By Yamna

Fluffy manager

Credits: FluffyQuack

If you like spicing things up by adding mods in your games, a mod manager can make your life a lot easier! Fluffy Manager is your one-stop solution to managing and testing mods. This powerful tool allows you to manage and test mods for a number of games including most of the Resident Evil titles, Soulcalibur VI, Devil May Cry 5, and others.

Fluffy Manager Key Features

Here are some of the key features of Fluffy Manager that make it an ideal tool for Resident Evil and Devil May Cry players: 

  • It makes it easy to install and uninstall mods for various Capcom games.
  • The mod offers automatic backups.
  • It comes with a trainer functionality and helps you change your field of view and turn off vignette.
  • It also comes with a basic mod for Resident Evil 6. 

How to Use Fluffy Manager

Follow these steps to use Fluffy Manager for Resident Evil 8:

  1. Download Fluffy Manager for your PC and extract the manager file.
  2. Before you go ahead and run the mod manager, make sure that all of your PAK files in the RE8 install are unmodified. You can check this by right clicking on the game in Steam and clicking on the “verify file integrity” option.
  3. Next, run the mod manager and click on Resident Evil 8 as the game.
  4. Now drag the RE8 mods you have in RAR format into the Fluffy mod manager window. Alternatively, you can also copy the RE8 mods and paste in “[modmanager]\Games\RE8\Mods”.
  5. Click on “Manage Mods” and select any mod to install or uninstall it.

Is Fluffy Manager Safe to Use?

Absolutely! Fluffy mod manager is absolutely safe to use. If you are wondering how it works, check it out below!

The mod manager processes files names for a mod and looks for them within your game’s PAK files. As soon as it finds the matching entries, it invalidates them in the PAK file so your game doesn’t try loading them outside of the PAK files. The manager then copies and pastes the mod files in the game’s directory. 

Fluffy Manager works similarly for when uninstalling mods. The tool revalidates the entries in the PAK files with the help of cached information and deletes all the mod files that we copied.

What to Do When Your Game Gets Patched?

If you have mods installed for a certain game and the game gets patched, here’s what you should do:

  1. Uninstall the mod using the mod manager. 
  2. If you get an error message during the uninstallation about the PAK file being changed, enable the “force uninstall” option located at the top in the “manage mods” menu.
  3. Now click on “uninstall all mods”.
  4. Right click on the game in Steam and select the “verify file integrity” option.
  5. In the “manage mods” menu in the manager, click on the “re-read game archives” option.

You will now be able to manage your mods easily with this mod manager. However, certain mods might not be compatible with the newer version of the game.

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Wrapping Up

So that’s all, folks! Hope we have answered all of your questions regarding Fluffy Manager. Go ahead and try this tool to manage mods if you play Capcom games. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions regarding this mod manager.