Skyrim Japanese Mods


So you want to transform Skyrim into a (semi) realistic Japanese samurai adventure?
We have everything you need to do just that, in this Top #15 Skyrim Japanese Mods.

Top #15 Skyrim Japanese Mods

Akaviri houses, Samurai armor and katanas, kimonos, Ronins, cherry blossom trees, and Japanese language packs are here to bring Japan just a little bit closer!

#15 Wa Masks

Created by Higeyosi

This mod adds 5 Japanese-style masks.

The masks are Tengu, Karasu Tengu, Hannya, and Kitsune white and black. They are all craftable at any forge.

Download here

#14 Nakahara – Akaviri House

Created by Elianora

Japan-themed small and serene house in the tundra plains in Whiterun hold. Minimalistic home for the aspiring Blades member or something like that. See-through windows, yay.

The house is fully navmeshed and includes all the Skyrim crafting stations, except smelter. The bed gives the “Well Rested” or the spouse bonus (if you sleep with your spouse). A unique wardrobe is also included.

Download here

#13 Ronin outfit

Created by Higeyosi

This mod adds a standalone Ronin outfit in 7 different color styles, and Japanese footwear to go with it.

You have to use the console to get to a room with a chest containing the items and that’s a little unimmersive, but it’s worth it for what you get with this mod.

Download here

#12 Samurai Akechi Armor Pack

Created by Chakra SSE And Shu Akechi

This mod adds one Samurai Akechi themed armor and 2 weapons via the crafting system. All the items come in 4 high-quality variants.

This is an amazing-looking armor and we are very impressed by the provided quality!

Download here

#11 Samurai Way

Created by Alrock10

Samurai Way contains one one-handed Dragon katana, one two-handed Dragon katana and a Dragon Tanto.

The katanas and tanto can be crafted in any forge under the Steel category, and they need leather straps, steel and gold ingots.

Download here

#10 Haladoon’s Samurai Sword Collection

Created by Haladoon

This mod adds 6 Samurai swords. All come in 2 versions, one-handed and two-handed, with matching Hilt/Sheathes.

The included swords are Samurai Soul, Sakura Blade, Leviathan’s Claw, Jade Dragon, Deathbringer, and Rain Cloud. They are all craftable at all forges under the Steel category.

Download here

#9 Weapons Of The Shogunate

Created by Moraelin

Weapons Of The Shogunate adds a large variety of new Japanese-themed weaponry. All weapons have their own custom scabbards, except for the naginata.

The weight of the weapons, speed and damage are loosely based on the existing Akaviri katana in the game. Most of them are fairly fast, especially the two-handed katana and ninjato, which offer a completely different two-hander experience from the normal game weapons. They’re also all set to silent for detection, since, historically, they were used by ninjas on covert operations.

They are craftable requiring firewood and steel. Some have wrappings around the hilts and will also need linen wraps.

Download here

#8 Reiko Samurai Armor

Created by Gambit77 – Leito86 – Cain9580

Reiko Samurai Armor was originally included as part of Reiko by Leito86. The original Reiko mod is no longer available online but two derivatives have been published that make the armor even more unique and awesome.

The first mod we recommend is an updated version of the armor by Gambit77, which improves the standalone version by Cain9580.

The second mod is a black retexture, slight mesh edit, and pathing fix of the first mod’s armor, by Apk222.

We recommend both mods, and it’s up to you to decide which one to use.

Download 1st mod here Download 2nd mod here

#7 The Crimson Samurai

Created by SolaireHoward and Caenarvon

This is a new over-powered armor, styled as a daedric samurai. It has over-powered enchantments and a very high armor rating. It can be crafted under the Daedric category.

There is a version of the mod that also adds a boss fight in a new dojo, between Solitude and Morthal. This version also adds new combat abilities, Samurai bodyguards wielding unique katanas, as well as a unique katana the Samurai himself wields.

Download here

#6 Hattori Hanzo Katanas

Created by Alrock10

Hattori Hanzo offers 8 magnificent Katanas, 4 one-handed and 4 two-handed, all in black, blue, red and white.

All katanas can be crafted at the forge, under the Steel category.

Download here

#5 Akaviri Martial Arts – Oriental Swordsmanship

Created by cyh0405

This is a one-handed animation replacer, mainly geared towards an Akaviri/Samurai playthrough.

It adds martial-art style one-handed attack and block animations. Thus, it’s made for a katana sort of weapon.

Download here

#4 Samurai Holds

Created by Payday Pony

The mod replaces the guard’s armor with a reskin of the Blades armor. The helmet and Sashimono, however, are not from the original game and therefore it is required that you install our #3 in our Top #15 Skyrim Japanese Mods list, “Blades Samurai Armor and Kimonos”.

Download here

#3 Blades Samurai Armor and Kimonos

Created by 0prime0 & Daermonster

This mod adds various Samurai-themed weapons, kimonos, and armors for all genders and races to Skyrim. It aims to be as lore-friendly as possible, so it is intended for the Blades, but it could be useful to any melee-focused character. All items are craftable (armor and weapons at the forge and kimonos at the tanning rack), and the armors and swords may be tempered for increasing quality.

All items are non-replacers and the mod does not alter any Blades gear. The ratings of the armors are identical to the default Blades Armor. The kimonos have an armor rating of about 25.

There is also a unique Dovahkiin Armor that can only be found by completing a quest.

Download here

#2 Nanban do Gusoku

Created by Macbain kofman77 Chrono

Nanban Do Gusoku, or Southern Barbarian Armor, is a kind of armor that appeared during the Azuchi-Momoyama Period in Japan. It is a modified version of the imported western armor, with the addition of tassets and sleeves. The iron cuirass could withstand matchlock balls of the time.

Now, this armor is available for both male and female characters in Skyrim, in a chest at the Sky Heaven Temple.

Download here

#1 Akaviri Samurai Armor

Created by hothtrooper44

“Akaviri Samurai Armor” is a lore-friendly, stand-alone, heavy armor set for all races and genders. The Akaviri were great dragon slayers. The fabled Blades had forged their armors based on those of Akaviri warriors.

When the people of Akavir invaded Tamriel in the first Era, they slew many of the native dragons. Then, the King’s guard, the Blades, was created in the image of Reman Cyrodiil’s Akaviri Dragonguard. Now you, as Dragonborn, have the chance to wear their great dragon-slaying armor facing the awakening of the long-lost terror of the skies!

This armor set has the same armor value and weight as the Blades Armor set. It is craftable under the Steel category at any forge, once you have the Orcish smithing perk. Since the favorite weapon of the Akaviri is a katana, we recommend you use one from our Top #15 Skyrim Japanese Mods list.

Download here

Skyrim Japanese Extras

To get the full experience, we recommend the following mods to complete your Japanese conversion.

#1 YY Anim Replacer – Mystic Knight

If you are playing a female character, we suggest using this mod as its animations fit a Samurai character perfectly. The walking and running animations are feminine, that’s why they are not recommended for male characters.

Download here

#2 Botox for Skyrim

If you want to have Skyrim’s women fitting a Japanese world, this is your best bet. It replaces all female NPCs faces. The faces are autogenerated, therefore it is a heavy mod and not recommended for low-end PCs. Created by Kaspar.

Download here

#3 Males of Skyrim

If you want the males to be fitting for a Japanese world also, our best suggestion is Males of Skyrim. It doesn’t replace everybody, but the ones it does, are looking spot-on! Created by Aberin.

Download here

#4 Aspens to Cherry Blossoms

This is a simple retexture that makes the aspen trees around Riften look like cherry blossoms. It also affects the landscape textures, making them appear lush and green. Created by HiItsBrandon.

Download here

#5 Skyrim Japanese Voice Files

The Skyrim Japanese experience wouldn’t be complete, if you still heard English in-game, would it? There are two solutions for that:

a) Replace the game voice files with the Japanese version, and have everybody speak Japanese in-game (you can still use English subtitles),

b) Use any of the Advanced Player Voice mods by yoshika73, to change only the player’s voice into Japanese.

Download Skyrim Japanese Voice Files here
Download yoshika73’s Advanced Player Voice mods here

So, there it is folks!

The Top #15 Skyrim Japanese Mods + Extras

Now, you can finally get the oriental feeling in Skyrim you’ve always wanted, and there is no better time to install the included mods to get that feeling, than right now!

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