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Top 10 Skyrim Alchemy Mods

All you need to level up your Alchemy immersion in Skyrim is right here!
We present to you our Top 10 Skyrim Alchemy Mods.

#10 Poisoning Extended

Created by Kalivore

This mod is an extension to Skyrim’s poisoning system. You can see what poison you have applied, and add or remove poisons on your weapon.

Poisoning Extended aims to extend and improve the poisoning experience in Skyrim, by giving you more poison-applying options, and showing you the poisons applied on your weapons when you need it.

You can choose a poison in your inventory, and immediately apply it to your right-hand or left-hand weapon if you choose so. Once done, the UI will show you what poison is applied, and there are even widgets on the HUD to check your currently applied poisons, so you don’t have to open the menu.

Download here

#9 Increased enchanting and smithing potion duration

Created by Zaflis

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to use an enchanting potion while enchanting multiple items, all the while also renaming them? Normally one potion’s 30 second time isn’t enough to do much.

This mod fixes that issue by modifying some alchemy ingredients to give Fortify Enchanting and Fortify Smithing effects a 5-minute duration.

Download here

#8 Apothecary – An Alchemy Overhaul

Created by Simon Magus and DeltaRider

This mod overhauls Skyrim’s alcohol, food, and alchemy systems completely. It is designed to balance existing drinks, foods, poisons and potions while adding powerful new effects to the game.

Apothecary normalizes the magnitude of all alchemical ingredients and significantly reduces the value of both generic and player-created potions, while ensuring that the player still levels up faster than Vanilla. On top of that, the mod rebalances generic potions so that their weakest and strongest variants match the player-created potions.

As a final feature, Apothecary removes all useless and poorly implemented effects, in order to make room for new interesting effects, without the need for adding new ingredients. 

Download here

#7 Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments

Created by Skepmanmods

This mod removes some cheat-like vanilla features, while improving the balance and consistency of alchemy and potions in general.

Things like healing while in the menu, or creating ridiculously overpriced potions, for example, are not possible anymore. This mod makes alchemy coherent, consistent, and balanced, while staying as close to vanilla as possible.

Download here

#6 Respectable Inventory: Well-Stocked Alchemists

Created by michaelrw

Respectable Inventory: Well-Stocked Alchemists alters the stock alchemical vendors have in the game. Alchemists now have a complete stock of potions and ingredients for sale. This was done while maintaining vanilla rarity ratios and minimizing imbalance.

Download here

#5 Skyrim Alchemy Fixed

Created by ChocolateNoodle

Skyrim’s Alchemy is fun, but silly. You can spam Restore potions, exploit crafting by looping Fortify effects, and rare ingredients are often unrewarding (like Nirnroot). This mod reworks Alchemy to be more fair and rewarding without being intrusive, thus making it feel like it was always “vanilla”.

Download here

#4 More Growable Plants

Created by numberland and Dracula420

More Growable Plants adds a number of new plantables to the Hearthfire planters, such as Jarrin Root, Nirnroot, Crimson Nirnroot, Frost Mirriam, Elves Ear, Blueberry, Garlic, Red Apple Tree, Green Apple Tree, Tomatoes, Saltrice, Sugar, Stoneflower, Gleamblossom, Yellow Mountain Flower and Soul Husk.

Download here

#3 Alchemist Compendium

Created by RGM

This mod adds a reference book in-game, listing all Skyrim ingredients with their effects. You don’t have to waste expensive ingredients, experimenting blindly on failed potions anymore. You can instead look up the ingredient in your reference book now, like a real alchemist.

Download here

#2 Harvest Overhaul Redone

Created by Lyu

Have you ever tried harvesting a bush of mountain flowers, only to get one measly flower and throw all the rest away?

This mod fixes that by increasing the base amount of gathered ingredients. It also adds a random chance to get even more items from each plant harvested in-game.

Download here

#1 Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul

Created by kryptopyr

As the name suggests, this mod is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s cooking and alchemy systems. It provides a consistently balanced experience throughout all aspects of cooking and alchemy, from collecting and harvesting ingredients to food and potion creation.

Download here


Alchemy is the most complex Skyrim skill system. It’s also a beautifully nuanced crafting system. But it is also plagued by imbalances, inconsistencies, and poor design choices that reduce it to nothing more than a way to make an easy profit.

This Top 10 Skyrim Alchemy Mods list seeks to change that, to both enhance and balance the vanilla complexity of Alchemy, and bring greater enjoyment and versatility to the Alchemist’s craft.

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