Crossbow (Skyrim): ID, Spawn Commands, Value, Weight & Damage

Binh Tran
Crossbow is the weapon that is available with the Dawnguard add-on. Compared to other ranged weapons, the crossbow has advantages such as the possibility to shoot as soon as it has been loaded, or it’s more powerful and high value than bows, but one of its drawbacks is the slow velocity than bows or its heavy to carry. With many variants, crossbows come up with different additional effects. The weapon requires steel bolts and dwarven bolts along with their magical variants. Get this awesome weapon immediately via Crossbow ID in the console.

Crossbow: Editor Name & Spawn id

What is the Editor Name of the Crossbow?


Crossbow ID Code:

Dragonborn Downloadable Content Code + 000801

Crossbow: Spawn Commands

Spawn Command to get the Crossbow into the game:

Open the console and enter [player.AddItem] then the [Base ID] and then the [Amount]. With the example below, you will add one Crossbow.

player.AddItem Dragonborn DLC Code + 000801 1

Spawn Command to place the Crossbow in front of your character:

Open the console and enter [player.AddItem] then the [Base ID] and then the [Amount]. The example below places one Crossbow in front of your character.

player.PlaceAtMe Dragonborn DLC Code + 000801 1

Crossbow: Class, Weight, Value & Damage

What does the Crossbow weigh?

14 kilograms

How much damage does the Crossbow do?

19 Health Points

What is the base value of the Crossbow?


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