Deathbrand Armor (Skyrim): ID, Spawn Commands, Value & Weight

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Deathbrand Armor is the unique light armor set belonging to Stalhrim. Basically, each piece is weak but when the whole set is worn, it’s better than Daedric Armor - that’s the point of it. Each piece is buried in different locations and can be obtained if you’re in the quest “Deathbrand”. The full set of armor can be upgraded with a piece of Stalhrim and the Arcane Blacksmith perk or is doubled the improvement by using the Ebony Smithing perk. If you find it difficult to collect the whole set, spawn it immediately using the ID.

General Info:

  • Class: Light Armor
  • Upgrade Material: Stalhrim
  • Perk: Ebony Smithing

Deathbrand Armor: Editor Name & Spawn id

What is the Editor Name of the Deathbrand Armor?


Deathbrand Armor ID Code:

Dawnguard Downloadable Content Code + 02401B
Dawnguard Downloadable Content Code + 037FEF

Deathbrand Armor: Spawn Commands

Spawn Command to get the Deathbrand Armor into the game:

Open the console and enter [player.AddItem] then the [Base ID] and then the [Amount]. With the example below, you will add one Deathbrand Armor.

player.AddItem Dawnguard DLC Code + 02401B 1

Spawn Command to place the Deathbrand Armor in front of your character:

Open the console and enter [player.AddItem] then the [Base ID] and then the [Amount]. The example below places one Deathbrand Armor in front of your character.

player.PlaceAtMe Dawnguard DLC Code + 02401B 1

Deathbrand Armor: Class, Weight, Value & Damage

What does the Deathbrand Armor weigh?

7 kilograms

What is the base value of the Deathbrand Armor?


Deathbrand Armor: Locations



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