The 10 Greatest Oblivion Mods


If you are looking to spice up your Oblivion playthrough then you should check out these mods. I have compiled the best mods that I have played and if you like this game then you should definitely check some of these mods out.

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion is a great game that has a huge modding community just like Skyrim. There are tons of mods to look through and I will be showing you 10 of my favorites. The Oblivion mods will mostly be texture changes but a few of them add some mechanics that make the game even more fun. Below I will be showing you the 10 Greatest Oblivion mods.

#10 Natural Environments

The Natural Environments is a mod that attempts to bring more life to the world of Oblivion. This adds countless new seasonal weather patterns for you to experience. The weather looks and feels amazing and really brings you into the game for even more immersion. If you want to make Oblivion feel like a real-life game then you need this mod.

Download Natural Environments Here

#9 Improved Trees and Flora 2

The Improved Trees and Flora is a mod that retextures a bunch of plants to make them more real-like. This is a really pretty mod that helps advance Oblivion in terms of graphics and makes the experience just as fun. The mod is simple and the textures all look super beautiful so if you are a plant lover then you need to check out this beautiful plant mod.

Download Improved Trees and Flora 2 Here

#8 Immersive Weapons

The Immersive Weapons mod is a mod that adds a ton of well-balanced weapons into the game. These weapons can be looted, bought, and even rewarded for quests making it a greatly integrated mod that doesn’t affect the base gameplay of the game. If you are looking for a that will let you play through the main storyline without becoming op this weapons mod is the mod for you.

Download Immersive Weapons Here

#7 Beautiful People

The beautiful People mod retextures everyone’s faces to give them nice beautiful faces to look at. This is a great mod for all of those who only like to look at attractive people. The mod itself is really good and really does a good job with the new faces. If you wanted to play oblivion but hated the player models then check out this mod.

Download Beautiful People Here

#6 Unofficial Oblivion Patch

The Unofficial Oblivion Patch mod is a mod that the community made to fix bugs and glitches in the game. This is a mod that I suggest everyone should use and play with since a lot of the base game can be glitchy and this really fixes the issues. The only reason to not use this mod is if you don’t know how to mod and that is a reasonable excuse especially if you don’t care about minor glitches in your game.

Download Unofficial Oblivion Patch Here

#5 Dynamic Map

The Dynamic Map mod is an insanely useful quality of life mod, especially for those who love to mod their game drastically. Due to this mod’s compatibility with other mods, it will update the world map for every mod that is loaded into your world. This is a really useful mod especially if you are using a mod that adds a custom location onto the map. If you love to play with mods and need the map updated then use this as it will fix your problem entirely.

Download Dynamic Map Here

#4 AliveWaters

The AliveWaters mod is a mod that aims to bring the waters of Oblivion to life. The mod does this by adding a bunch of rusty tools to find along the seafloor and tons of new fish to see while swimming. This is a very small mod that adds a whole bunch to be explored and makes the waters of Oblivion much more lively. If you love to go swimming then check out this mod.

Download AliveWaters Here

#3 Better dungeons

The Better Dungeons mod is a wonderful mod that reworks all of the dungeons in Oblivion and makes them all better. The mod makes all of the dungeons more beautiful and more fun to explore as the originals were lacking a bit. This is a great mod that only adds to the immersion and will make anyone who explores the dungeons instantly fall in love.

Download Better dungeons Here

#2 Alternative Start Arrive by Ship

The alternative Start mods are always a great mod for people who want to play through the game a second time. This mod makes it so you can skip the annoying tutorial and be spawned into the game faster. This is important for those who are on their second or third play-through and don’t want to bother with the long and annoying tutorial that they added into the game.

Download Alternative Start Arrive by Ship Here

#1 Midas Magic Spells of Aurum

The Midas Magic Spells of Aurum is a magic mod that adds some new spells to Oblivion. This mod is a mod for people who have played the game once before as it may ruin the immersion for some. Although that is the case the new spells the mod adds are really fun to use in combat and are especially more fun if you have a monster mod.

Download Midas Magic Spells of Aurum Here