Best Minecraft Hardcore Questing Mode Mod Packs

Binh Tran

If you ever wanted to experience the feeling of completing things in order and unlock rewards in Minecraft, let’s try those Minecraft hardcore questing mode mod packs right now! Besides bringing you to another environment (or dimension), you also have a lot of things and techniques to work with. Not just only chopping wood and mining diamonds in a normal Minecraft world!

Top 10+ Minecraft Hardcore Questing Mode Mod Packs

Remember that some of the mods below will have hardcore mode enabled by default, or have a limited amount of lives, so if you just want to play the modpack peacefully, turn the hardcore mode off with the in-game editor or via a command.

Each modpack should contain a quest book that you can open and it serves as a tracker to track your quest progress, your death counter, and display HQM lives (your current lives). So remember to always keep this book with you!

#12 Hypovolemia

Hardcore Questing Mode Mod Packs - Hypovolemia

Stranded in the deserted world with only red sand and a quest book to survive with, you will suffer through the pain to sacrifice your blood and make progress with the Blood Magic mod. This mod feature over 300 quests with progression and custom rewards.

If you hate those tech and automation mods, this Minecraft hardcore questing mode mod pack is for you! Since this mod uses little tech mod and they’re not involved in the main progression of the pack. With that being said, blood is the main currency in this modpack. So ready your blood!

Download here

#11 Stoneblock

Taking inspiration from sky block, Stoneblock brings you to the strange middle block of the cave, or in another world, a full stone block. You will have a small sphere shape to work with and make your way to expand the area, going to another dimension, doing quests, and unlocking more items and recipes as you go.

Download here

#10 FTB Presents Stoneblock 2

Developed by FTB and based on the origin Stoneblock modpack, Stoneblock 2 is significantly better with a lot of new content and quality of life features. One of the features worth talking about is loot bags. You can expect new mods, different dimensions, cool items, a unique questing system, a tiered reward system, and a number of menacing bosses to beat!

Download here

#9 Hypothermia

Being one of the mods in the series, Hypothermia, Flooded, Hyperthermia, and Scorched, Hypothermia is a fascinating mod about simulating the tough life in cold places. You must keep yourself warm, drink enough water, eat enough food, and most importantly, don’t freeze!

Download here

#8 Stranded Island

With only a few mods and a basic concept, Stranded Island is one of our favorite RPG hardcore questing mode mod packs! You’re a powerful wizard who has been cast away by your emperor. You must learn how to do the magic and the main goal is to come back to make revenge. Sound cool, right?

This modpack will bring you to a tiny island right in the middle of the ocean. You then need to follow the quest book to get more materials, chop wood, fish for wood, build shelter, explore the underground to find a massive cave system, and complete quests!

Download here

#7 Agrarian Skies 2

In another variant of sky block, you start with a floating island in the sky and a single tree. With only a quest book in your hand, can you build an entire sky empire and rule the world?

With flexible difficulty, you can choose how hard it would be to craft in this modpack. If you’re a newcomer to both Minecraft and modded Minecraft, we’d recommend only trying easy mode on this one!

Download here

#6 Galactic Science

Are you bored of starting in a normal Minecraft world in every single modpack? With Galactic Science, you will become an astronaut who will be on the moon and other planets to gather materials, defeat bosses, and craft stuff to keep surviving in this challenging environment.

Not also the terrain and atmosphere weird, but the gravity is actually lower. Which means you can jump higher. Galactic Science also allows multiplayer, so joking around with your friends in hardcore questing mode mod packs is never easy like this!

Download here

#5 Project Ozone 3 A New Way Forward

Project Ozone is one of the large mod packs and is the third one in the series. With the insane amount of quests (1197) spread across different game aspects such as tech, magic, combat, and discovering new things. PO3 has three difficulties, normal, titan, and kappa. Each one will have higher and harder crafting recipes!

This modpack also contains a famous dimension mod – Twilight Forest. So make sure to check it out!

Download here

#4 Skyexchange

Skyexchange (or Sky Exchange) is another variation of the original sky block map in Minecraft. Involve around the transmutation table within the projectE mod, this is one of our favorite hardcore questing mode mod packs of all time!

You start off with only one renewable block. You mine that dirt block and exchange it to get some kind of currency, called “EMC”. Then you can learn new trade items and use this particular currency to trade for them. This is a great way to progress, not to mention the quest book which you can obtain the new items from.

Download here

#3 Regrowth

The only biome in Regrowth is Wasteland and combine with a good storyline. That’s the way it makes this modpack unique. As the game start, the player’s main objective is to make life happens again in this deadly land. Regrowth will lead you through tons of new features and mods.

The main way to make progress in Regrowth is through farming, or specifically, magical crops – the main features of the modpack! If you’re a farmer and enjoy farming gameplay, this mod is definitely built for you!

Download here

#2 The Aether

When it comes to new dimension modpack, there are only a few good ones. And the Aether is one of them! With not only a new popular dimension but also a hardcore mod questing book that shows you basic steps about how to progress in this new world.

You will learn about the new wood type, new creatures, new blocks, and crafting recipes! Because the entire dimension is about floating islands, mining will be a difficult task since once you fall, you will die. So you can’t dig straight down to mine the rare minerals anymore!

Download here

#1 Life in The Village 2

Not so many hardcore questing mode mod packs focus around the peaceful aspect of Minecraft. You can see they mostly cover new dimensions and bosses, but how about normal life in Minecraft where you can build your colony and live a fulfilling life?

Life in the Village 2 gives you the ability to create your own empire with custom NPC roles and classes, training your dogs with level and talent perks, an economic system, and a massive improvement in quality of life for a lot of Minecraft aspects such as storage, fishing, farming, and more!

And not only focus on the peaceful aspect of the game, but this modpack also adds some mods just in case you need to go adventuring around the world. You may find a lot of new structures and better caves, or entire new biomes underground!

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an HQM modpack?

HQM stands for Hardcore Questing Mode. So HQM modpack is the modpack with hardcore questing mode mod installed and configured to give you custom quests with rewards. If you feel like you don’t know what to do in Minecraft, those hardcore questing mode mod packs can fix you in line and point out what you need to do next!

What is the best Minecraft Modpack with quests?

Depending on your play style, you may find those mods above interesting. But if you love farming, try Farming Valley. If you love the combination of sky block and tech things, try Sky Factory 4. If you love exploration and adventure, Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles or Roguelike Adventures will not disappoint you!

How do you do hardcore questing mode?

Most hardcore questing mode mod packs will have a quest book that you can open by right-clicking it. Then it will show you different quests, their requirements, and the rewards. Simply have the requested item in your inventory and click on the quest icon, or the submit items button to complete the quest. You can then receive the reward from the same GUI.


And that’s all from us about the greatest Minecraft hardcore questing mode mod packs! There are actually a lot more but those modpacks will consume months or even years of your time. And if you need to improve the cave in Minecraft further, check those awesome Minecraft cave mods!

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