Here is Why You will Love The Witcher 3 Cape Mod


Different variations of the Witcher 3 cape mod are taking this community by storm. Why? Well, without getting too much ahead of ourselves, it’s fair to say that there is nothing more magical than seeing Geralt in a fancy little cape.

The game is fantastic as it is, but hey, we’ll take having a cape over not having one any day! It adds a certain amount of flair to the game. Before completely falling in love with these particular cape mods, let’s go over some of the best ones and see how you can benefit from each of them.

Here are some of the best mods that provide you with the entertainment of having your beloved characters wear a cape better than anyone else ever could.

AMM Cape Mod for the Witcher 3

It’s no surprise why this mod has roughly half a million downloads by players all around the world. This particular mod will allow you to change a lot of aspects of the characters, and it’s not just about the capes! We’re talking about hair, beard, shoulders, accessories, and so much more.

This mod allows players to replace various appearance features without any additional issues to the gameplay itself. That’s a crucial part for any player. Of course, no one wants to have gameplay problems just because they have some mods in their game! This also works the same for having a mod limit in the game!

This mod has been updated so many times that now its high quality will surprise even more professional players. For example, the mod creator fixed a lot of items, rearranged accessories, added new head gear, and more.

Also, you can even change swords! The mod give you a chance to choose from 115 steel swords and 78 silver swords. Meaning, it becomes up to you to decide how you want your weapon to look like, and that is truly fantastic.

This is an amazing mod for the game. If you’re looking for more fascinating content, definitely take a look at the best Witcher 3 mods and upgrade your game immediately.

Retextures for AMM for the Witcher 3

Speaking of the AMM mod, you might also want to take a look at the Retextures for AMM mod. This mod adds even more items to the game, so you can have fun with as many capes and hoods as your heart wants! If that’s what you’re looking for, then hey, this might be a perfect mod for you.

According to the mod creator, this took quite a lot of time to ensure that the players could enjoy not only great items but also their high quality. Meaning, you definitely won’t regret giving this mod a chance!

Of course, this is only an addition, but when have we said that getting an additional mod is not worth it? This one is no exception! It definitely brings great new items to the table, so this one had to be on our list too!

Auto Hide Weapons Mod

This mod is a bit different from the rest, but it will be very useful if you’re adding additional items to the game with the Witcher 3 cape mod. We’re talking about the Auto Hide Weapons mod for the game. Once you.start adding various cloaks and capes to the game, some aspects might get a bit confusing. For example, what happens to your weapons?

This particular mod hides your weapons when you put on a cape or a cloak on. Meaning, your weapon only becomes visible when you start fighting your enemies or take off your cape. Cool, right? This can make the character feel more mysterious and interesting. What is he hiding? Does he have a weapon under his magical cape? Only time will tell!

If you’re adding various capes without this mod, then it might feel like you’re missing out on half of the fun! Why not make Geralt even more interesting with making him keep a few secrets here and there?

If you’re looking for some of the best graphics mods for capes, then the ones above can be wonderful options to take a look at. Also, take a look at our favourite cloak mods while you’re at it! Whether you enjoy having a cape or a cloak, mods can really help you out with some custom content!

Whichever mod you choose, it can be a great addition to the game, so enjoy everything the mod creators have for us! Just don’t forget to leave some feedback for them because it can help to upgrade the mods even more. Have fun playing!