Is There The Witcher 3 Multiplayer Mod?


The question regarding the Witcher 3 multiplayer mod has been running in the minds of so many players. Could this become reality? Is there something we can do? Should content creators take matters into their own hands and make the multiplayer options?

These and similar thoughts have been very popular for many years. Players keep looking for ways to have an option to play this amazing game with their friends. There are already so many fantastic mods for the Witcher 3, so it’s not a surprise.

Let’s take a look at the current situation about the Witcher 3 multiplayer mod.

Can You Play the Witcher 3 in Multiplayer?

Sadly, right now players do not have the possibility of enjoying the multiplayer version of the Witcher 3. There are plenty of mods to choose from, but this is not really an option if you’re looking for ways to improve your gameplay.

There have been a lot of discussions online about this possibility, but, so far, they have only stayed as discussions. However, this is still an interesting situation. Most aspects of the game have found multiple dedicated content creators who were willing to create something, but multiplayer has presented too many issues along the way.

Why is there no Multiplayer for the Witcher 3

This question has a lot of possible answers. However, most modders and players sadly agree that it is not possible due to the specifics of the game. Some players are saying that this would require so much work that at some point it becomes 99.9% impossible.

For example, it would require to have a lot of parts of the game remade to match the needs of the multiplayer system. Meaning, creators would need to determine the right server solutions, determine the authority settings (who is the host of the server, what are the limits and the boundaries of the server). Also, there would be a need to rewrite some characters to allow having more than one active player at the same time. Moreover, a lot of data work would be needed. This means that this would require many teams of content creators to take care of this.

Just the above mentioned aspects would only create a very basic version of the multiplayer version of the Witcher 3. Meaning, players probably wouldn’t even enjoy it that much in the first place.

Why players are asking for the Witcher 3 Multiplayer

It’s not a secret that many players have been asking for the multiplayer version. However, why this particular mod?

Well, players are saying that this would make the gameplay even more immersive! This way, more and more players could enjoy the game together and keep the community of the Witcher 3 more active. People could explore the magical world together with their friends and fight various battles.

Travelling around the map could be a lot of fun with friends, so it’s understandable that a lot of people are a bit sad that there is not a multiplayer version out by now.

Other Multiplayer Examples in the Gaming Community

In a lot of discussion groups, the players are comparing the situation to Skyrim. Content creators made a multiplayer mod for Skyrim (or even GTA San Andreas, Vice City, Mafia 2, and more), but some have pointed out the differences between these two games. For example, Skyrim has more advanced modding tools that are more user-friendly. Then again, the multiplayer mod for Skyrim has plenty of bugs up until this day!

As sad as it might be, fans of the Witcher 3 will have to wait even more for even a possibility of having a multiplayer mod for this game! Then again, this game already has so many great mods, so definitely take a look at all the other options that are already available.

For example, why not try some of the best combat mods or make the game even more beautiful through some graphics mods?