Top 15 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Mods to Play in 2021


Top 15 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Mods to Play in 2021

If there’s one game that Ubisoft should’ve put more focus on, it’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Yeah, this game. I can’t say much how amazing this game is, it’s just that it’s quite clunky and need mods to polish the game design that was left unfinished.

I love this game because it’s fun and exciting. but I’m more of an ACIV enthusiast. Anyway, here are our best picks for the Top 15 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Mods to Play in 2021.

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#15 Customizable Eye Color

Created by: Makacha

With this mod, you can choose between 25 various eye colors available. That’s it. Nothing too fancy or complicated.

Download here

14 Simple Realistic 3D ReShade

Created by: crubino

A super simple reshade mod that enhances the overall look of the game with minimal impact on the game’s overall performance.

Download here

#13 Effects and Interface Customization Mod

Created by: KamelMan

A clutter-free HUD tool that allows you to enable or disable the HUD in the game, allowing you to clean your interface without having too many active statuses on the game.

Download here

#12 Player Armor Extra Customization

Created by: ilikedetectives

A collection of over 20+ armor, which includes regular armors, DLC exclusives, and Helix armors, which work on both Alexios and Kassandra.

Download here

#11 Invisible Bow and Spear

Created by: ilikedetectives

All of the bows and quivers in the game, as well as the signature spear of King Leonidas, will be invisible. It’s more of an aesthetic touch rather than in-game balance or anything. Do keep in mind that you need the Forger mod for this to work.

Download here

#10 Younger Alexios

Created by: Sporkmunchies

It is what it is in the title. Works best for those who prefer to have a person look like he’s been enlisted in the Creed and generally want him to look like he’s never killed anyone yet.

Download here

#9 The AC Visual Overhaul Collection

Created by: TheMercAssassin

One of the best, if not the best, graphical overhaul mods of the game. It features some of the most realistic character models, fleshed-out mesh, and overall design. It’s not a surprise that it’ll find its spot here.

Download here

#8 VividFX Redux

Created by: Revolvere

Kinda like number 9, except this mod has a more cinematic feel to it.

Download here

#7 Kassandra Wonderwoman

Created by: net201

I’m not surprised it’ll appear here. This mod makes Kassandra look like Wonderwoman, that’s it. I mean, she kinda looks like one in the first place, this mod just makes it more obvious.

Download here

#6 Younger Kassandra

Created by: minazukix

A better-looking Kassandra, but this one looks a lot more like a model in an action series, instead of a protagonist. Still, she looks gorgeous and less stressed.

Download here

#5 Realistic Reshade

Created by: xanthus1942

This mod speaks for itself and it will probably fry your GPU, but this mod is beautiful and gorgeous as hell. Works best if you have DLSS since it’s better at rendering than without one.

Download here

#4 AC Odyssey Tweak pack

Created by: vahndaar

An easier-to-navigate utility tool that allows you to tweak and change certain variables in the game.

Download here

#3 Invetory Editor

Created by: ikilledkennyx99

Inventory Editor is a multitool mod that allows you to micromanage your inventory and have it always sorted out for your own convenience. It’s a Cheat Engine, for your AC and your inventory.

Download here

#2 Forger Patch Manager

Created by: hypermorphic

Just an incredible and fresh take on the Mishima Dojo, a better one. I probably don’t need to explain this one, it’s just gorgeous in and out.

Download here

#1 Inventory Editor (Original)

Created by: nanofolk

It’s the same mod as the number 3 entry, except this is the base and original editor mod. And no, it’s not any better. It’s just an optimized Cheat Engine for ACO.

Download here