Top 5 Free Sonic Mania Mods to Spice Things Up


The best free Sonic Mania mods available in 2021 to amp up your gameplay!

By Yamna

If you are a hardcore gamer like me, you must have definitely played Sonic The Hedgehog during your childhood. In fact, I can still imagine every single detail in that game because it was just THAT good. But you don’t necessarily have to imagine the game anymore because there is an amazing remake of Sonic The Hedgehog that came out in 2017. Yup, I’m talking about none other than Sonic Mania!

Sonic Mania is an amazing game but once you have finished it, it might get monotonous for you. To revive the game for you, I decided to scour the internet and find you the best Sonic Mania mods available in 2021 for free! 

Read on to find the list of the best free Sonic Mania mods. I’ve included various options so there’s something for everyone. 

Top 5 Sonia Mania Mods

1. Sonic.EXE

Sonia Mania Mods
Credits: Sonic Destiny

Sonic.EXE is an absolute treat for all our horror fans. This mod is a creepy horror themed version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog designed for Sonia Mania. It adds entirely reimagined sprites for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. The mod also overhauls the theme music to make the game more creepy and immersive. So get ready to experience a new horror version of Sonic Mania! 

2. Metal Mania

Metal Mania mod
Credits: Superkirby982

Metal Mania brings Sonic’s worst nightmare to Sonic Mania, Metal Sonic! Metal Sonic is Sonic’s robotic doppelganger who’s the secondary villain in the franchise. This mod adds Metal Sonic to the game and allows you to take his sinister form and go rampant over all your enemies. It will basically swap Sonic with Metal Sonic. So if you’ve been afraid of him, it’s time to take his form and overcome your fears!

3. Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic mod
Credits: Sonic Destiny

Sure, Super Sonic is fast. But what about Hyper Sonic? He’s the fastest! For those of you who prefer Hyper Sonic over Super Sonic, the Hyper Sonic mod is for you! It basically replaces Super Sonic in Sonia Mania with Hyper Sonic, a much stronger version with all emerald colors in a flashing state running all over his speeding body.

4. Hedgehog Music Sprites

Hedgehog music mod

Credits: Warruhsoe

The Hedgehog Music mod is basically a mod that is too fun to not install. This mod replaces the victory sprites in Sonia Mania with the sprites from the hedgehog dance meme. How cool, right? You will definitely be laughing at the new music sprites everytime you see it. Although this mod doesn’t bring any functional changes, it makes the game much more fun to play, leaving you amused through and through.

5. S2 Signpost, HUD, Star Post

This Sonica Mania mod transforms the signpost, the Star Post and the game’s HUD into those from Sonic 2. So it would be like a trip down your memory lane of Sonic 2. It is an incredible mod that you will definitely enjoy if you have played Sonic 2.

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Wrapping Up

So that’s all, folks! Hope you found the mods you were looking for. These are some of the most downloaded mods for Sonia Mania. Go ahead, try them out and let us know what you think!