Top 15 Best Grim Dawn Mods in 2021


Top 15 Best Grim Dawn Mods in 2021

“Dark, gritty, and expansive” that’s how I’ll describe Grim Dawn. It’s no surprise that people who fell in love with the vanilla would want to venture out and play Grim Dawn with mods. I mean, if something could be better, then it’s better if you can enjoy it.

And so for this list, we’re going over the Top 15 Best Grim Dawn Mods in 2021. Let’s go!

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#15 Diablo 3 Classes

Created by: Grimerino

Some say that Grim Dawn is better than Diablo 3, but D3 is a game of its own. Grim Dawn is quite a good game for various reasons. But since both games are good on their own, why not we put Diablo 3 classes into the game, right?

With this mod, you can basically play the Diablo 3 classes, like the Necromancer, Crusader, Witch Doctor, and many more. Literally, a good mod to start Grim Dawn, but I suggest going with the vanilla if you want to be familiar with the mechanics.

Download here

14 Better Levels Mod

Created by: KalAeon

Just a minor level changes added into the game. There are few things that maybe you’d like to check out. For example, the level cap now raises to 250. There’s also an increase in attribute points, now you’ll earn 3 more per level. But there’s a catch, the amount of stats each attribute point will give will you will be 4, for an overall increase of 50%.

You can read more on the mod’s page, but it’s quite balanced for a mod of its kind.

Download here

#13 Aetherial ReShade

Created by: ThreshProductions

A graphics overhaul mod increases the saturation level and sharpness of the game’s overall graphics details. The way this game will look is like a modern-day Diablo 3.

Download here

#12 Item Assistant

Created by: itemassistant

This mod is basically an item manager, not an assistant. It’s an inventory sort that allows you to cop an unlimited amount of items and basically, sort them out on a few criteria, like name, damage type, defensive stats, class, skills, and many more.

Item Assistant mod manages all your items and sorts them out accordingly.

Download here

#11 Path of Grim Dawn

Created by: Kanjineo

Ever wanted to play Path of Exile, but you only have Grim Dawn installed? Don’t worry, now you can play Path of Exile, in Grim Dawn style. Or was it the other way around?

Well, this mod increases the mobs around, you can also move faster, the skills and abilities are more fine-tuned towards fast-paced gameplay, and several Path of Exile skills were integrated into the game.

Download here

#10 Apocalypse

Created by: 3jiou

A reworked version of the Cataclysm mod which we’ll talk about later. This mod aims to change the way you play Grim Dawn.

This mod introduces new classes, like the Stalker, Maleficar, Thaumaturge, Grove Keeper, and Paragon, which are all generally good classes to play with.

As for the overall changes, the mobs, champions, and heroes are all dynamically changed for the better by increasing their number. Although the loot chances are all basically the same, it doesn’t hurt the game’s design as you’ll get 2x the chance of loots due to the increased mob density.

This mod has a lot of potentials so I’d like you guys to look out for this mod.

Download here

#9 Grim Legion

Created by: sweeturns

A heavy expansion mod of the base game adds a lot of good things to the game. For example, the max level has been increased up to 100, devotion shrines aren’t difficulty-locked, lots of changes on the masteries (max rank on 72), new classes (Soldier, Demolitionist, Shaman, etc.), and a lot of QoL changes and many more.

It’s massive and jam-packed. You won’t regret downloading this mod. Go check it out.

Download here

#8 Grim Dawn Reborn

Created by: ddem1

Not a really massive mod unlike Grim Legion, but this mod adds up a really good amount of content for you to play. Almost all of the skills in this game have been totally reworked, which is made not only to be fair and balanced but also fun and interesting to play. The amount of flexible builds you’ll be able to go with this mod is exuberant and you’ll never run out of things to do.

Aside from the skill revamped, there are also added skills like leap slams, cyclones, and even volcanoes. The visual effects were also changed, totems have their cooldowns reduced to zero, and overall, the game’s still pretty balanced with this mod on.

Download here

#7 Grimallion

Created by: syl101

A collection of mods that you can play with all of the benefits of all of them without any conflicting methods.

This mod features increased caravan stash, hero encounters, masteries mods, new Shattered Realm items, faction window info, and many more. It’s really good and I wish there were more mods available, but it’s all we have right now.

Full credits to these guys (Grimarillion Contributors – jiaco – Asylum101 – Ceno – Mendez – Grimer – Okami – tt300-lornlynx-mamba) for making it possible.

Download here

#6 Cataclysm

Created by: 3jiou

A pretty large overhaul of 3jiou’s previous mod, Cataclysm adds a new variety of characters in the game, which is good, because the game will now have a total of 14 playable classes.

According to the mod’s description, it aims to “enhance and diversify your gaming experience”, which is factual and true because the class combination is a pretty fun addition to the game. It’s like playing an open MMORPG, in which you can cross-class while retaining the original masteries of your own class.

Download here

#5 FasterLoot_GDMod

Created by: MugwumpssHasNoLiver

With this mod, legendaries have a 20% drop rate (from 6% original drop rate). Nothing too fancy, it’s very simple and a must-have if you want those shiny drops.

Download here

#4 Dawn of Masteries

Created by: gdstash

A massive rework on the masteries of the game, featuring some of the best Grim Dawn mods like Cataclysm, Diablo 2 and 3, Grim Quest, and many more.

Download here

#3 PXD

Created by: davppd

A huge collection of mods for Grim Dawn. Go check it out and see what it has to offer.

Download here

#2 Smash and Grab

Created by: moordhuis

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but being the second favorite in Nexusmods, I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing.

This mod basically eliminates the tedious grinding process in the game, allowing you to level up faster, get more loots, and have a better overall experience. You’ll spend less time getting your items because, well, this mod optimized its drop rate to be “fair” for you.

Download here

#1 GD Stash

Created by: gdstash

It’s an external tool that allows you to cop up items and save them up on a connected stash folder.

Download here