Top 4 Must-Have Diablo I Mods of All Time


Relive your good ol’ Diablo I gameplays with improvements and a much better experience with these Diablo I mods!

Released in 1996, Diablo is one of the most popular role-playing video games that nearly every OG gamer has played in their childhood. Released by Blizzard Entertainment, the game is set in the Khanduras kingdom which is located in the world of Sanctuary. 

Diabllo allows you to take role of a solo hero or heroine outside of your home as you are set to embark on an adventure to rid the Tristram region of the titular Lord of Terror and his demon minions. It sounds like a pretty heroic and adventurous journey. 

However, considering how the game has been around for more than two decades now, it may feel repetitive to players who are looking for a new experience. To relight the spark in you for Diablo, we have created a list of the best Diablo I mods for you. Read on to find the most popular Diablo I mods that are an absolute must-have!

The Best Diablo I Mods of All Time

1. The Awakening

Diablo I Mods
Credits: Noktis

The Awakening is a Diablo I mod that brings a lot of changes to the game. The main changes include addition of new spells, quests, monsters/bosses, unique items, and normal items. The mod also modifies the values of prefixes and suffixes as well as tries to make the game more challenging by increasing its difficulty.

The Awakening is one of the most popular Diablo I mods that also adds much needed bug fixes to the game. These include fixes for the flash bug, the duplicate bug, invisible walls, and more.  

There are also a few extra features including an improved monster status bar to display the current health of the monster, as well as the Resist/Immune of the bosses. The Awakening mod also removes all the negative shrines which used to take away the base mana points.

Additionally, there are some really amazing cosmetic changes to the game. For instance, the town of Tristram looks much more detailed now with new colors, different NPC locations, movies, graphics, and music. 

You can play this mod in two modes, singular and multiplayer. The multiplayer mode can be played on a special server called Battle.Net or via the Hamachi network. When you use Hamachi, make sure to choose the Local Area Network. 

Get your hands on this amazing mod now to transform your Diablo I experience!

Download Here

2. Torch

Diablo I Torch mod
Credits: Diablo-Stronghold

The Torch mod for Diablo I adds a lot of new features to the game, including QOL functions, cosmetic changes, and more. 

Below is a list of all the  cool features that the Torch mod adds to Diablo I:

  • An in-game stash to hold more than 1000 items.
  • A full list of all the shrines in the in-game.
  • Monsters life is displayed when you put your cursor over them.
  • Current time displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Player’s experience shown above the potion belt.
  • Power level displayed at the top right if it is below 100%.
  • The value of items displayed in the inventory when you put your cursor over them.
  • The option to disable most of the features in-game.
  • The option to hide the taskbar by using the Tilde (~) key.
  • The name of the items that are dropped on the ground is displayed for two seconds.
  • Hold the Alt key to view the names of the items on the ground.

Download Here

3. Tchernobog

Diablo I mod Tchernobog
Credits: Diablo Chronicle

Tchernobog is a very popular Diablo I mod that would have nearly died if it weren’t for the mod’s newest release this year. Tchernobog is perhaps one of the most amazing Diablo I mods ever made.  

This mod basically adds some of the best Diablo II features into Diablo I, such as the rare items, Alt highlighting items, graphical interface for shops and stash, stash, new classes, damage types, and more.  

However, since the mod got its latest big release last year, a lot of new and exciting things have been added. These include:

  • Accurate stat displays for all summons.
  • Players’ resistances are inherited by decoys.
  • Updated stat formulas for Golem.
  • Spellpower boost for Golem, Skeletons, and Necro Zombies.
  • Golem spells would now benefit from mana.
  • Description for the forge mastery skill of warriors.
  • Increased timeout duration from 5 to 20 seconds.
  • Bug fixes.
  • A new roll command.

The Tchernobog mod has all of these things and more in store for you. Get your hands on the mod now!

Download Here

4. The Hell 1 & 2

Diablo I mods
Credits: Mordor

The Hell 1 is a Diablo I mod that has been in development from 2006 to 2018. So you can only expect good things from the mod as it is time-proven, stable, immersive, and rich in content. The mod has highly focused on balancing the game to a near-perfection level. If you are an OG Diablo fan, you would absolutely love the mod as it adds a lot of challenges and variety to the game.

Being a complete overhaul mod, The Hell 2 has made a lot of adjustments to the game engine to balance and improve the gameplay. Optimized for today’s hardware such as high framerate PCs and wide screens, this mod will help you embark on an exciting adventure with a lot of rich content and features. 

For instance, there are new game modes, cosmetic improvements, character customization options, multiplayer support, hundreds of passive skills, new items, and more. Just make sure you adjust the settings of the game in the config.ini file before you launch it. 

Download Here

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So that’s all, folks! Get your hands on these amazing Diablo I mods today to breathe life into your good ol’ gaming experiences. Who said Diablo I is dead? You can relive all the thrilling adventures of Diablo I with even better gameplays, thanks to the improvements these mods bring for you.

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