8 Magical Minecraft Alchemy Mods that Are a Must-Have


Get your hands on these Minecraft Alchemy mods to make brewing more quick and convenient!

Potions in Minecraft are assorted items that you can concoct to get temporary status effects. The brewing system in Minecraft allows you to create potions. However, the process of creating these potions requires a lot of time and resources. 

Moreover, the vanilla game only allows you to make a limited set of potions in Minecraft. So if you want to make the most of brewing and potions in Minecraft, you will need to turn to Minecraft alchemy mods. 

But where can you find reliable alchemy mods? Well, we scoured the internet to find you the best alchemy mods in Minecraft. So without further ado, let’s take a look at them. 

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Top 8 Minecraft Alchemy Mods

1. Minor Alchemy

Minor Alchemy Mod
Credits: Explodything Gaming

Minor Alchemy is a Minecrft mod that lets players transform items into an Alchemical Container that can be used to perform various tasks, including enchanting items to level X, cloning them, repairing any broken tools, and so much more. It is an extremely configurable mod that allows you to auto-calculate the conversion values, conversion scale, and enchantment base cost. 

My personal favorite feature in this mod is that it lets you create or edit .cvl files to give customized CV data to your in-game items. It also adapts to all the other mods that use vanilla items in the crafting recipes.

Download Here

2. Alchemy and Magic

Minecraft Alchemy mods
Credits: vangoule

The Alchemy and Magic mod is a collaborative mod that adds Alchemy and Scrolls to the game. Thanks to this mod, you can brew potions that will help you defeat your foes and build a beautiful world. The mod adds a fully functioning cauldron in which you can create colorful potions. 

It also adds a number of other items such as bushes that can be used to create potions, mortar and pestle to create fine powders, over 11 potions, scrolls, transmutation, and much more. Get your hands on this enchanting mod now!

Download Here

3. Magic Add-On Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Alchemy mods
Credits: Vatonage

This add-on mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition adds new blocks to the game, including a Mana ore and a Mana crystal that you can use to craft spellbooks. In order to do so, you will first need to mine a Mana ore to acquire crystals. 

Next, place a book and a crystal in the crafting table to craft a spellbook that you can use to cast unique spells including the fire spell, the frost spell, the lightning spell, the explosion spell, the push spell, the shield spell, and the fly spell. Each of these spells have their own recipes. Cool, right?

Download Here

4. Extra Alchemy

Minecraft Extra Alchemy mod
Credits: wiredboy27

The Extra Alchemy mod expands on Minecraft’s brewing system to bring in more potions and improve the brewing system altogether. This mod adds new potions and recipes, tweaks the Brewing Stand, adds Vials to offer a stackable potion system, adds a Potion Bag to carry your potions in, and brings Potion Rings to let you have a semi-persistent potion effect. 

All the potions will have a customized duration, a renewal time, and an XP cost that you can set separately using the vanilla recipe system. 

Download Here

5. Mystic Alchemy

Minecraft Alchemy mod
Credits: Mine_vs

The Mystic Alchemy mod adds nuance, customization, and skills to the art of potion making in Minecraft to make the entire system more robust. Thanks to this mod, all the ingredients will now have multiple effects, both positive and negative. You can optimize the potions to get the desirable effects without the ones that you don’t want. 

To get started, you will need to make a crucible where you can brew the potions, a spoon to stir, a sampling kit to sample the potions, and some bottles to store them in. Find more about the recipes and ingredients in the mod description. Click on the link below to download.

Download Here

6. Witchery

Minecraft Witchery mod
Credits: Mischief of Mice

The Witchery mod in Minecraft offers supernatural enhancements by adding an all new brewing system to the game. This unique brewing system uses different equipment to concoct all new effects and brews that you can use for your own benefit. 

The Witchery mod adds ritual circles, magical brews, broomsticks, cauldrons, necromancy, a pointy Witch’s hat, and voodoo to make it all real for you. Get your hands on this mod now to make the brewing system in Minecraft feel a lot more real.

Download Here

7. Not Enough Potions

Minecraft Not Enough Potions mod
Credits: WanderingSoulofTime

The Not Enough Potions mod brings recipes for Potion Core potions. It introduces a new way to get items from Potion Core without having to use the creative gameplay mode. The mod also adds a mortar and pestle as well as a cauldron block that you can use to concoct potions. 

Although the mod has not been updated by the developer for quite some time, some dedicated fans have released unofficial updates for the mod.

Download Here

8. Potion Core

Potion Core mod Minecraft
Credits: WanderingSoulofTime

The Potion Core mod brings a lot of new potion effects to the game that you can use both for defending yourself as well as for attacking. Since this is a core mod, you can only get these potions in the creative menu. You can also use this mod with the Not Enough Potions mod for a seamless brewing method. 

Some of the new effects added by the mod include Trueshot, Magic Focus, Burst, Combustion, Iron Skin, Broken Armor, Vulnerability, Diamond Skin, Revival, and many, many more! Get your hands on all of these Attack, Defense, and Utility effects now by downloading the mod from below. 

Download Here

Final Thoughts

So that’s all, folks! This list pretty much sums up the best 8 Minecraft alchemy mods that you can find on the internet today. Get your hands on them now for an enhanced brewing experience in Minecraft.

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