The 18 Best Doom Eternal Mods People Love


You can make your fight against the demonic hoards in Doom Eternal even more fun with Doom Eternal mods that offer graphic updates, new modes for gameplay and cheats, balance adjustments, and so much more. So, let’s fill our gaming experience with pure, blood-soaked, and adrenaline-fueled entertainment with the 18 best Doom Eternal mods now!

Doom Eternal Mods
Credits: Kaiserwill

Doom surprised us all in 1993, when it was first released, and quickly made its name as a breakthrough video game in terms of design. The fast-paced, action-packed game featured cutting-edge graphics and swayed us away from the more common strategic and relatively slower games at the time.

A revolutionary invention with innovative gameplay, Doom had us all on our toes with its take on first-person shooter gaming. It definitely made an impact and changed the shooter games that followed.

And Doom Eternal, which was a 2016 reboot of the original game, didn’t disappoint fans either!

From the game’s aggression and speed to its bloody violence and wildness, everything in Doom Eternal promises hours of entertainment. But did you know you can make it even crazier for yourself with the help of Doom Eternal mods?

Whether you want to give yourself an edge in the game or make it even more challenging for yourself, you’ll find at least one Doom Eternal mod in this list that will be perfect for your preferences.

The 18 Trending Doom Eternal Mods

#18 Super Slayer Overhaul

Doom Eternal Mods
Credits: Jeffalooboo

This mod is an overhaul of the mechanics of the Slayer, offering an action-packed playthrough for gamers. If you think your game couldn’t get any more chaotic, wait till you install and play with this mod!

The modder, Jeffalooboo, also highly recommends that you pair this mod with the Enemy Randomizer mod to make the gameplay even more interesting. The Super Slayer Overhaul mod includes a long list of tweaks, changes, and features for runes, survival, equipment, and weapons as well as other general enhancements.

Download the Super Slayer Overhaul mod for Doom Eternal today!

#17 Restored Graphics Effects – ReShade With Ray Tracing Option – And Speed Up Weapon Wheel Transition

Doom Eternal Mods
Credits: spin1490

This mod by Nikk Mann uses the command console to restore numerous graphical effects that are removed from the game. The restored graphical effects include Lens Flares, Player Shadow, Moving Helmet HUD, and more.

Furthermore, it includes a reshade, which improves the overall image clarity or color and the anti-aliasing. It will also enable the weapon wheel to slow down time and pop as soon as you press the key rather than after a few seconds.

Download the Restored Graphics Effects – ReShade With Ray Tracing Option – And Speed Up Weapon Wheel Transition mod for Doom Eternal today!

#16 Cyberpunk Weapon Pack

Doom Eternal Mods
Credits: KaitoChungaloid

If you want your weapons in Doom Eternal to mimic the Cyberpunk Aesthetic, this mod pack will be a perfect fit for you!

The skins in this mod replace the default ones except for the Heavy Cannon, which replaces plaid.

Download the Cyberpunk Weapon Pack mod for Doom Eternal today!

#15 BloodLux Weapon Pack

Doom Eternal Mods
Credits: KaitoChungaloid

The popular BloodLux Weapon Pack has been garnering a lot of attention in the Doom Eternal gaming community with its spin on the look of the default weapons. The mod adds a deep blood-red color along with a gold lining to the weapons.

All of the skins replace the default skins except for the SSG and Heavy Cannon, which replace Bloodstained and plaid respectively.

Download the BloodLux Weapon Pack mod for Doom Eternal today!

#14 DEternal_loadMods – A script to mod DOOM Eternal’s .resources files

DEternal_loadMods - A script to mod DOOM Eternal's .resources files
Credits: SutandoTsukai181

While this mod can’t be used without a rehashing tool and some patches, it is a python script with an available EXE version that has the ability to remove or add files in the .resources files of Doom Eternal.

The command line application is primarily used to load mods into the .resources files.

Download the DEternal_loadMods – A script to mod DOOM Eternal’s .resources files mod for Doom Eternal today!

#13 Custom UI Color Pack

Custom UI Color Pack
Credits: Velser

This mod adds all custom UI colors in one location, including UI color profiles such as pink, blue, violet, Niflheim, clean UAC, grayscale, copper oxide, QuakeCon 2018, Doom 2016, neon gold, rainbow, immora, gravel, and edgy.

It is pertinent to note that this mod will change the colors of the user interface and won’t touch the other textures or pickups. Furthermore, it is recommended that you don’t edit the default or desat files.

Download the Custom UI Color Pack mod for Doom Eternal today!

#12 Beefier Weapons SFX Pack

Beefier Weapons SFX Pack
Credits: TheKaffeeKatze

The Beefier Weapons SFX Pack not only offers sound replacements for a series of weapons, making them feel and sound significantly more powerful than their vanilla counterparts but also provides sound effect replacements for power-ups, including Berserk, Overdrive, and Onslaught to include sounds from classic Quake. Cool, right?

The mod also includes the weapons that were not covered previously, such as the Chaingun, Combat Shotgun, and Heavy Cannon. However, you will not find any enhancement for the Crucible and Sentinel Hammer, as the modder found them to be perfect.

Download the Beefier Weapons SFX Pack mod for Doom Eternal today!

#11 Horde Mode

Horde Mode
Credits: proteh

Horde Mode is a new game mode for the original Doom Eternal and it consists of numerous rounds that occur in varying locations. The first round starts with only the shotgun and its two weapon mods and each round is more difficult than the previous one.

As you progress, you will be rewarded with extra lives, sentinel crystals, blood punch upgrades, runes, mastery coins, praetor suit points, weapon points, etc. Once you become a fully loaded Slayer, you will play the final round, which will test your skills like never before!

Download the Horde Mode mod for Doom Eternal today!

#10 Carmack’s Eternal ReShade

Carmack's Eternal ReShade
Credits: Vanguard1776

This reshade mod promises to add new levels of visual effects, colors, and depth to the game, which already looks quite epic!

The modder recommends setting the sharpening amount to 100 and the film grain to 25 or less. You can press the Home key to open GUI after installing this mod and press the End key to toggle the main effects in this mod.

Download Carmack’s Eternal ReShade mod for Doom Eternal today!

#9 KaiserCampaign

Credits: Kaiserwill

KaiserCampaign is a mod that aspires to be a full overhaul of the entire Doom Eternal vanilla campaign. Currently, it features four secret levels and eight custom master levels.

It’s explicitly made for gamers who have completed DLC2 and are now looking for more from their game. Moreover, it also rebalances several elements of the slayer kit, including demon resistances, upgrades, secret upgrades, and the Hammer.

It makes room for creative expression and elevation of the skill ceiling for players without drastically changing the base game or making it an unrecognizable game. The campaign includes custom secrets, power-ups, music, bosses, enemies, and a lot more.

It’s highly recommended to not use this mod with any other mod that alters the gameplay.

Download the KaiserCampaign mod for Doom Eternal today!

#8 The Cultists’ Gold Weapon Skins 2.0

The Cultists' Gold Weapon Skins 2.0
Credits: UpseticusAurelius

For gamers who have Blood & Bone 2.0, this mod will tweak and revamp the Lux Weapons and Cultist Gold skins to be compatible with it.

Download The Cultists’ Gold Weapon Skins 2.0 mod for Doom Eternal today!

#7 Enemy Randomizer

Enemy Randomizer
Credits: proteh

The Enemy Randomizer mod, as its name suggests, is a mod that randomizes each enemy encounter in the DLC and the base game. It also includes slayer gates and secret encounters.

You can retry a secret encounter or reload a checkpoint every time you play the game. Moreover, this mod can be installed simply using the Doom Eternal mod loader.

Download the Enemy Randomizer mod for Doom Eternal today!


Credits: Eallen1220

The NIFLHEIM WEAPONPACK mod is another one of the best weapon mods available for Doom Eternal. This pack has been made from the ground up with iconic Niflheim stylism and hand-painting.

The weapons that have been modified include BFG, Hammer, Combat Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Ballista, Crucible, Chainsaw, Heavy Cannon, Supershotgun, and more.

Download the NIFLHEIM WEAPONPACK mod for Doom Eternal today!

#5 Demons 2016

Demons 2016
Credits: FKPIRUS

Do you miss the demons in Doom 2016 in Doom Eternal? This mod will add more than 20 demons from Doom 2016 to your game. The demons include:

  • Zombie (Hell) (Unwilling)
  • Zombie (Earth) (Possessed Scientist)
  • Whiplash (Worm from the Hell Guard)
  • Tyrant (Cyberdemon)
  • Soldiers
  • Samur (Harvester)
  • Revenant
  • DOOM Hunter (Hell Guard)
  • Cyber Mancubus (+1 alternative variant)
  • Cursed Prowler (Canceled Prowler)
  • And so many more!

Download the Demons 2016 mod for Doom Eternal today!


Credits: KNIGHTMARE077

This mod by Knightmare077 is also amongst the most downloaded Doom Eternal mods on Nexus – and for good reason!

If you’re someone who is not satisfied with how quickly everything, including the kills, gibs, and blood, vanish from your screen, this mod will help you keep these elements for a much longer time.

The mod will keep the blood decals, corpses, gibs, rocks, glory or chainsawed kills, and exploded barrel pieces on your screen for longer. Moreover, the blood decals and blood spurts are also much bigger.

Additionally, the ability for Cacodemon to Ragdoll, the ability for Pain Elemental to Ragdoll, and the “all burn-away” FX have been removed, while the Dev Cut FX to DreadKnight + Smoke on Baron has been restored.

There are also numerous additional features in the Ultimate Edition mod, which enhances the movement speed, adds more particles, and includes Bloody Skinz for all the default weapons in the game.

Download the KEEP THE DEAD – ETERNAL EDITION mod for Doom Eternal today!

#3 Blood X Bone 666 Resurrected

Blood X Bone 666 Resurrected
Credits: UpseticusAurelius

Blood X Bone 666 Resurrected is an overhaul texture mod for the Slayer, each and every weapon, and all the demons in the game, making them appear more grisly and gritty. The adjustments will make the characters and elements appear as though they’re the result of a sadistic experiment carried out by Mad Scientists.

The mod contains the coveted Blood Golem Slayer, a full set of weapons skins, and more than 20 demon skins. The latter have been remastered from scratch and include true normal maps to ensure you get high-quality skins, a lightweight file, and absolutely no performance hit.

Download the Blood X Bone 666 Resurrected mod for Doom Eternal today!

#2 Viewmodel FOV Mod

Viewmodel FOV Mod
Credits: COGSpartan130

Do you wish you could see more of your weapon by bringing the camera further back than it is? Well, the Viewmodel FOV Mod accomplishes exactly that for all gamers with increased ViewModel FOV for every weapon in the game.

The increase in the ViewModel FOV depends on the specific weapon type. It is increased by 0.05 to 0.20, giving gamers a chance to see more of their weapons. The mod works perfectly on all the weapons available throughout the game.

However, if you already have a mod that changes the value of your weapons, you might not be able to use this mod and have it work efficiently.

Download the Viewmodel FOV Mod for Doom Eternal today!


Credits: Eallen1220

This mod has been inspired by the CS:GO skin and it adds a printstream version for all the guns in Doom Eternal. It also includes the iconic printstream decals as well as pearlescent.

The weapons include BFG, Hammer, Chaingun, Plasmarifle, Heavycannon, Ballista, Rocket Launcher, Super Shotgun, and Combat Shotgun.

If you’re looking for ways to make your weapons look even more attractive and flashier and highlight super-cool reflections on the screen, this is probably one of the best mods you’ll come across. This is also one of the most downloaded Doom Eternal mods on Nexus Mods.

Download the PRINTSTREAM ALL WEAPONPACK BY BOOLIII1220 mod for Doom Eternal today!

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you play the game on your PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, or any other console, all of these Doom Eternal mods have been explicitly designed to make your experience worthwhile for the duration of your gameplay.

You can also take a look at other articles on our website to find the best gaming mods for a variety of different games, such as this article on the Top 15 Best Blade & Sorcery: Nomad Mods of All Time.

Happy gaming!