Top 13 Best Warband Mods of All Time


Mount & Blade: Warband is one of the best RPG and strategy games released till date. Although the game came out in 2010, it is still widely played actively by thousands of gamers. Thanks to its modding community, the game is still very interesting. Today, let’s discover some of the best Warband mods of all time.

Best Warband mods
Image Credits: DrTomas

Released in 2010 by Paradox Interactive, Mount & Blade: Warband is one of the best strategy and action role-playing games of all time. While the game has an expansive sequel (Bannerlord), it still enjoys one of the biggest mod libraries. Thanks to its super active modding community, the game has some really immersive mods that keep the game interesting.

So if you are looking for some more in-game content and new features for your favorite Mount & Blade release, we have curated a list of the best Warband mods of all time. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

13 Best Warband Mods of All Time [Ranked]

#13 Blood in the West -LOTR mod

Best Blade & Mount Warband mods
Image Credits: ivanhoe95

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan (well, who isn’t), this is the perfect Warband mod you can get, inspired from LOTR. This single-player mod adds 6 new nations, items, troops, dialogues, and more to Warband. It also adds Middle-Earth campaigning on the Native Warband map where you can choose any faction at the beginning of the game.

From elves, dwarves, Isengard and Mordor, Rohan, and Gondor, there are over 6 new nations added by this mod. What’s more, the troop trees added by this mod are tweaked according to LOTR. So you can get a perfect Lord of the Rings feel in the game. How cool, right?

Download the Blood in the West -LOTR mod mod now for Warband

#12 Phantasy Calradia

Image Credits: guspav

The Phantasy Calradia mod is a perfect dose of fantasy for fantasy lovers. This fantasy mod brings various new races, magical items, spells, and necromancy to Warband. It is a native mod with various new features, tweaks, and fantasy elements inspired from the D&D world.

Here are some of the best features of this mod:

  • 7 new major factions, including orcs, paladins, necromancers, dwarves, mages, drows, and elves.
  • Lots of new items for all factions.
  • A new magic system with weapons, items, and skills.
  • D&D inspired magical items.
  • Sneak attack system.
  • Some super cool spells, including black bolt, white bolt, fireball, lightning bolt, magic missile, charm person, vampiric bolt, and more.
  • All new creatures.
  • Ships and ship battles.
  • Recurrent spawns.
  • A necromancy system.
  • 16 new heroes.
  • and more!

So if you are looking for a Warband fantasy mod, this should be your first choice.

Download the Phantasy Calradia mod now for Warband

#11 Perisno

Best Blade & Mount Warband mods
Image Credits: michadr

Perisno is an epic conversion mod with light fantasy elements set in the fictional world of Perisno. In Perisno, you will be interacting with various races, factions, experiencing unique events, and discovering new opportunities. You can either choose to support a Lord trying to rise to power or seek total dominion.

Perisno comes with some really cool fantasy races, including giants, elves, and dwarves, who are all magical and mythological. However, you won’t get to gain control of magic. You will also be given some really powerful relics, such as Skyfall and Flamebringer.

You can ally or oppose whoever you want, from knights to bandits to the lost Kingdom of Perisno itself. However, beware! The land of Perisno is filled with enemies and dangers at every corner. So are you brave enough to dare enter this land?

Download the Perisno mod now for Warband

#10 Blood and Steel

Best Blade & Mount Warband mods
Image Credits: xenoargh

The Blood and Steel mod allows you to engage in epic battles. It makes massive improvements to the in-game visuals and special effects. You will be fighting with hordes of skeletons and the Dark Armies, like the Whitewalkers from Game of Thrones.

There is also a new class system, beautiful scenery, amazing new skills, Regional Mercenaries, advanced tactical AI, reworked sieges, better landscapes, 100s of new items, massive gameplay changes, and more.

So if you are looking for a Whole new Warband experience, get your hands on this mod today!

Download the Blood and Steel mod now for Warband

#9 Brytenwalda Special Edition – Warband v1157

Best Blade & Mount Warband mods
Image Credits: idibil

This mod adds a unique ruleset in Warband that lets you recreate raids and battles in the British “Age of Arthur” and Saxon invasion. You will be impersonating a Chieftain in the Dark Ages and ordering your men to defend your homeland or looting your enemies. It is an insanely adventurous mod set in a time forged with steel. So are you ready to take on the new role?

Download the BRYTENWALDA SPECIAL EDITION mod now for Warband

#8 Light and Darkness-Heroes of Calradia

Best Blade & Mount Warband mods
Image Credits: oolonglgx

This mod adds a lot of adventure and new experiences to Warband. Set in the continent of Calradia, this mod makes you a mercenary who is born to save Calradia from a sleeping evil and take people out from the sufferings inflicted by hundreds of years of wars in the continent.

You will wake up in a tavern in the town of Zendar with an iron sword and coarse clothes, tasked with saving the people from an evil.

The mod adds new weapons, armor, items, equipment, treasures, and more to suit various styles. There are many plots and tasks to explore with immersive dialogues and interactions with the NPCs. You will also be given various types of crystals to forge whatever equipment you need.

There are also some new panels with unique battle skills and battle management capabilities. You can create diverse strategies and tactics to take out your enemies. There are also some in-game small games such as a slot machine, blackjack, shooting, and horse-racing to entertain you on the off-chance that you are bored.

So go ahead and download this mod to enjoy hours of entertainment and new content.

Download the Light and Darkness-Heroes of Calradia mod now for Warband

#7 Anno Domini 1257

Best Blade & Mount Warband mods
Image Credits: DrTomas

The Anno Domini 1257 mod transforms the game’s setting into 13th century Europe. The game starts in the year 1257 AD and is as accurate as possible according to that era. From the start, the NPC lords and the player will transform the land and fight to gain control of the continent.

Here are all the amazing features of this mod:

  • Adds the entire Europe with 41 new factions, including the Kingdom of Sicily, Kingdom of England, Kingdom of Scotland, Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of France, Kingdom of Portugal, Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Lithuania, Kingdom of Hungary, Welsh, the Hafsid Dynasty, and more.
  • Hundreds of new region-based and historical troops.
  • 1000+ new armor, weapon, items, and more suiting the XIII century.
  • Manor system with custom settlement building options.
  • A realistic combat system.
  • Custom battle scenes.
  • A weather system with all types of weather.
  • Crusading system where you can start or join a crusade.
  • Lance recruitment system.
  • Improved companion system.
  • Sea travel and battles.
  • Many new scenes for towns, villages, and castles.
  • The ability to play as a soldier after your death.
  • and so much more.

Download the Anno Domini 1257 mod now for Warband

#6 Warband Battle Size Changer

The Warband Battle Size Changer mod allows you to bypass the vanilla game’s battle size limit of 150 and pick up to 1000. This is only a singleplayer mod that increases the battle size limit in the game. However, do note that an insanely big battle can case Warband to crash or slow down if you have a low-end PC.

But if you have a high-end PC, you can easily enjoy huge battles. If you are experiencing any lags, try reducing the battle size.

Download the Warband Battle Size Changer mod now for Warband

#5 Gekokujo

Best Blade & Mount Warband mods
Image Credits: marty4286

Gekokujo, which means “the lower rules the high”, is a total conversion mod for Warband that adds a new world map, weapons, armor, and scenery. This mod is set in the Japanese Sengoku era where you will be starting from absolutely nothing and try to gain control of the whole country, sticking to the title of the mod.

The mod is as accurate as it can get to fit the theme. However, it does not include some of the particulars to keep the design consistent. Here are all the features of this mod:

  • An all new map of Japan with double the playable area as compared to Native.
  • 32 new towns, 164 villages, and 75 castles. All new villages, castles, taverns, towns, and other locations.
  • Towns named according to the Sengoku period.
  • All new weapons, trade goods, armor, flags, and more.
  • Gunpowder units and weapons.
  • All new hair and face options, including 4 base asian females and 6 base asian males.
  • 20 factions.
  • 22 NPCs with immersive backstories.
  • An integrated Diplomacy mod.
  • An integrated Freelancer mod.
  • Bodyguards for the interiors.
  • Enhanced startup scripts to add more variety.

Download the Gekokujo mod now for Warband

#4 Warsword Conquest Beta

Best Blade & Mount Warband mods
Image Credits: delruss

The Warsword Conquest mod is a complete conversion of Warbands based on the Warhammer fantasy world. In addition to adding a new map, this mod also adds 13 new factions that you can either join or fight.

Here are all the amazing features of this mod:

  • All new character creation system that lets you become a character of every single faction race.
  • 13 all new factions that you can fight or join, with unique armors, items, mounts, troop types, vug monsters, and lords.
  • An all-new map of the old world where you can visit, destroy, or rule over 33 towns, 138 villages, and 58 castles.
  • Factionalized merchants will now have race related items to sell.
  • Factionalized mercenaries.
  • 28 new companions that you can hire.
  • Faction patrols for each town and village,
  • The ability to choose any side to fight on and join any battle.

How cool, right? So go ahead and get your hands on this huge Warband mod today!

Download the Warsword Conquest Beta mod now for Warband

#3 A New Dawn

Best Blade & Mount Warband mods
Image Credits: nargulredeye

A New Dawn is a complete overhaul of the vanilla game, based on the Floris Mod Pack. This mod adds 500 new troops, 3000 new items, and an expanded invasion system that lets 11 minor factions take castles or towns and form new factions by creating armies.

The mod aims to massively improve the native game by using the Floris Mod Pack. Some of the key changes added by this mod include:

  • 3000 all-new high quality items.
  • A more engaging world with dozens of new factions and parties.
  • Expanded armies and parties.
  • Rebalanced skills and item stats.
  • 500 new troops.
  • 11 new minor factions.

So if you are looking for an immersive overhaul of the default game, get your ands on this mod now!

Download A New Dawn mod now for Warband

#2 Prophesy of Pendor

Best Blade & Mount Warband mods
Image Credits: saxondragon

Prophesy of Pendor is a conversion mod that allows you to become a part of various knighthood orders or create your own knighthood. You will be introduced to unique companions, encounter the Noldor, read interesting stories, and discover some really interesting things about the culture and magic of the Noldor.

The mod is set in the year 354 from the Founding of Pendor. The land of Pendor has not had a ruler for many generations now. While the land now is filled with myths of folklore, the legend of a prophesy of hope lives. This legend talks about a champion who comes from distant lands and joins all the lords of Pendor under a single rule to bring harmony and prosperity to the war-torn land of Pendor. But beware, the struggle to get these is going to be epic!

So arm your sword and brace yourself to accept the incredible challenge of the Prophesy of Pendor. Here are some of the best features of this mod:

  • Deep immersion
  • Enhanced Goals
  • More quests
  • More events
  • Immersive cultures, conflicts, and armies
  • Unique backstory
  • Enhanced character generation system
  • Enhanced event system
  • Enhanced conversion system
  • Special items
  • Minor factions
  • Specialty enemy heroes
  • Voice acting
  • Expanded encounter system
  • Knighthood orders

and more! So are you ready to take on the challenge?

Download the Prophesy of Pendor mod now for Warband

#1 Floris Mod Pack

Best Blade & Mount Warband mods
Image Credits: monnikje

Floris is a huge mod pack for Warband which packs some of the best mods ever created for Mount & Blade: Warband to enhance your gameplays. It comes in a huge file size and packs many different features and mods.

The Floris mod pack comes in four versions, a basic version with new items, sounds, and music, a gameplay version for people with low computer specifications, an expanded version with everything in Floris, and a dev suite version for modders.

So if you are looking for a one-stop solution to add a lot of exciting stuff to your game, get your hands on this mod pack today.

Download the Floris Mod Pack now for Warband

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So that’s all, folks! This list sums up the best Warband mods of all time. If you are looking for the best Mount & Blade Warband mods for graphics, textures mechanics, and gameplay, this list should suffice. Go and get your hands on these interesting mods and enhance your gameplays.

Happy gaming!