5 Best Dragon’s Dogma Mods For Free


Check our top 5 picks for the best Dragon’s Dogma mods and refresh your experience! By Yamna

While fans eagerly wait for Dragon’s Dogma 2 which is expected to release in 2023, they really wish there was a way to make their experience fresh again. Thanks to some great modders, Dragon’s Dogma fans can now enjoy an all-new experience using the best Dragon’s Dogma mods available on the internet for free. 

For all our Dragon’s Dogma fans, we decided to curate a list of the best Dragon’s Dogma mods available today. 

So without further ado, let’s take a look at it, shall we?

1. Great Mod Compilation

Dragon's Dogma mods
Credits: PlagueDrLu

If you are a person who hates downloading and installing tens of mods for a single game to improve your experience, then this is the mod you should definitely get your hands on! The Great Mod Compilation is a mod for Dragon’s Dogma that features the top Dragon’s Dogma mods compiled together into ONE mod. These mods are a mixture of functionality, graphics, and cosmetic mods including interface, clothing, Augments, jumps, and other mods.

2. PSX Buttons

PSX Buttons is a much needed Dragon’s Dogma mod for PS4 or PS3 players. Since the game requires players to press the B button to continue, PlayStation players face a dilemma since they don’t have a B button on their controllers, to begin with. For those poor souls, the PSX buttons mod add the right button prompts to play Dark Arisen on PS4 or DualShock 3 controllers. It’s that easy!

3. Resonant ENB

Resonant ENB Dragon's Dogma
Credits: JDM Skyrim

Since Dragon’s Dogma has been here for quite a while now, it really needs some touch-ups here and there. The Resonant ENB mod does just that. This mod is basically a high-quality shading overhaul for Dragon’s Dogma that makes the game more immersive and real for players. The mod also adds subtle bloom and lens effects, as well as dithering to resolve any banding issues with darker objects. Get your hands on this mod now for a more immersive playthrough!

4. Power Levelling

Levelling up in any game can be challenging as it requires a lot of time, effort, and experience. The same is the case with Dragon’s Dogma. But that’s not a problem for you if you have the Power Levelling mod for Dragon’s Dogma. This mod decreases the XP you need to level up by reducing it to 75%, 50%, or even 25% of the actual amount. How cool, right? It will be much easier for you now to hit that level 200 cap!

5. Jump

Jump mod Dragon's Dogma
Credits: Mr. Cole

The best part about Dragon’s Dogma is the ability to jump on your enemies and fight them while you are holding onto them. This continues until your stamina drops. But there is a way you can maximize your jump range. The Jump mod increases the height you jump by 1.6 times, allowing you to attack those huge enemies more effectively. How cool, right? Get this mod now to jump higher in the air!

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Wrapping Up…

So that’s all, folks! Hope you found the Dragon’s Dogma mods you were looking for. We have included mods for everything you could possibly want. So get your hands on them now and enhance your in-game experience!