The Best Minecraft 1.17 Horse Mods


Are you looking for Minecraft Horse Mods that also work in game version 1.17? Then you’ve come to the right place! Because the search can be difficult at times, we have compiled the best mods for you here, so that you can also turn the current Minecraft into a true horse game. Have fun!

Five Best Horse Mods for Minecraft 1.17 (2021 List)

#5 Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle (1.17)

  • This mod makes all types of horse armour and the saddle craftable
  • More than 6 million Downloads at Curseforge!
  • Working in Minecraft 1.17!

#4 Netherite Minecraft Horse Armor Mod (1.17)

  • Adds an awesome netherite armor to the game
  • Working in Minecraft 1.17!

#3 Hwyla Addon Horse Info (1.17)

  • Jump and speed statistics
  • Almost one million times downloaded at Curseforge!
  • Working in Minecraft 1.17!

#2 Minecraft Horse Stats Vanilla 1.17 Mod

  • Working in Minecraft 1.17!

#1 Stupid Horse Stand Still

  • Working in Minecraft 1.17!

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