7 Most Handy FS22 Trailer Mods of All Time


Released in November 2021, Farming Simulator 22 lets you create and manage your own modern farm and immerse yourself into an almost lifelike farming experience. It is designed to help you focus on forestry, agriculture, and animal husbandry. The newest release comes with the addition of seasonal cycles, so you can enjoy different seasons. With its release, mod developers have been busy rolling out some of the best mods for Farming Simulator 22, which include FS22 trailer mods.

In this article, we have created a list of the best FS22 trailer mods for you. So let’s take a look at them, shall we?

1. Rolland Pack

FS22 trailer mods
Credits: KingMods

This FS22 trailer mod adds a pack of 3 containers and 10 trailers to Farming Simulator 22. These containers and trailers are manufactured by one of the leading French manufacturers of trailers, Rolland. So if you are looking for a trailer mod, you will get 10 trailers in a single mod! 

Download the Rolland Pack mod now for FS22!

2. Reisch RTWK 200 AS 700

FS22 trailer mods
Credits: FS Mods Showroom

This mod adds the Reisch RTWK 200 AS 700 trailer to Farming Simulator 22. You can do possibly anything you want with the Reisch RTWK trailer, from transporting corn or any other thing to creating a beet windrow. How cool, right? The entire structure of the RTWK is configurable. So there are absolutely no limits as to what you can change in your trailer. It has a capacity of 25,000-38,800 litres. 

Download the Reisch RTWK 200 AS 700 mod now for Farming Simulator 22. 

3. Randon Dumper

Randon Dumper
Credits: LooneyFarmGuy

This mod adds the world-class Randon Dumper to Farming Simulator 22. Randon is a world-famous company manufacturing railroad equipment. Have fun with this durable and super strong dumper that you can use to carry around practically anything. It has a capacity of about 60,000 litres!

Download the Randon Dumper mod now for Farming Simulator 22. 

4. Orkel TX 130

Orkel TX 130 FS22
Credits: Mr Farquar

This mod introduces the Orkel TX 130 mod to Farming Simulator 22, which is a multi-purpose trailer manufactured in Norway. The Orkel TX 130 features a tool box, a cover, a hydraulically controlled tailgate, a capacity of up to 18,00 litres, timber stakes, side hatches, a homemade silage cage, and more. 

Download the Orkel TX 130 mod now Farming Simulator 22.

5. Reisch Pack

Reisch Pack FS22
Credits: DjGoHam Gaming

This is yet another FS22 trailer mod that adds a pack of three trailers into the game, including the RT 160, RD 180, and RD 240. Manufactured by Reisch, you can do basically anything with these trailers that have a capacity of 23m³, 19.2m³, and 26.8m³ respectively. From driving bales and transporting animals, fruits, and big loads to selling grain, everything is possible.

Download the Reisch Pack mod now for Farming Simulator 22. 

6. ç + RSDY-14

Reisch AgriMaxx 1060
Credits: zockerboy 24

This mod adds the king of trailers to Farming Simulator 22. That’s right! The AgriMaxx is now available in Farming Simulator with a huge capacity that is second to none. With a capacity of 57.2m³, AgriMaxx can haul big loads of corn or silage easily on the fields and roads. It is an incredibly stable trailer with the option to configure its design, cover, tires, and color.

Download the AgriMaxx 1060 mod now for Farming Simulator 22. 

7. Güttler PW640 ASL MASTER

Güttler PW640 ASL MASTER
Credits: BEAST

This FS22 trailer mod adds the Güttler PW640 ASL MASTER to Farming Simulator 22. This amazing trailer can function as both a roller and a cultivator with FlatSpring and as a roller without the FlatSpring. In addition to improving the quality of topsoil, it cultivates the fields after ploughing and turns them into a seedbed simultaneously. How cool, right? Get your hands on this multipurpose trailer now!

Download the Güttler PW640 ASL MASTER mod for Farming Simulator 22.

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How to Download FS22 Trailer Mods?

Downloading these FS22 trailer mods is quite simple. Just download the mod zip files to your PC and then paste them into the mods folder of the game, which can be found in C:\Users\[YourUsername]\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022\mods